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  1. I too recommend Catalina coffee. Also the Sawyer heights flyer was updated again today, with lots of new info. New tenants (some of these may have been mentioned before) include: Cingular AT&T Pot Belly's Smoothie King Game Stop Marble Slab Golf Tec Fat Burger Dickie's I guess that would explain the large amount of work going on at the site. Still no info on the mysterious Chik-fil-a between the banks.
  2. This may be old, but here is some info on the development just north of "The Glass Wall". http://page-partners.com/flyers/1003.Studewood/1003flyer.pdf The rendering looks good.
  3. They have updated the Flyer again today. The latest updates include a Cingular/AT&T store and a Starbucks with drive-thru (in case walking to the one in Target was too much hassle for you). http://www.propertycommerce.com/flyers/flyer44.pdf
  4. They said - it is to insure prompt pizza delivery , but really just a donation to a homeless shelter
  5. Here is the Flyer (with limted info) from ORRs website. I wonder what they (Houston) will do with the old Fire Station, with this new development?
  6. It appears that Lovett Commerical has several projects in the works for the East side of Washington (i.e. by Corkscrew etc...). Here is their info... 1902 Washington Blvd - Mixed Use Development 1814 Washington Blvd - Resurrecting the Dittman Building into a possible restaurant. No renderings, but the link has some good photos inside and out of the building. At least they are trying to save this buidling.
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