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  1. Any suggestions on changes can be made to define the style? I’m thinking of plastering/stucco on chimney to make it look French?
  2. Bumping this thread again. I will be closing on a 3500 sf home on the green space with pool. Beautiful home on a quiet street. I have spent a lot of time in Inwood Forest for past 2.5 years and yes crime ( thieving) is bad. But Oak Forest is more stressful in my opinion. People are getting tired of the lack of sidewalks, (residents walking their babies or Dogs down most streets) , parking on street because driveways are too narrow, construction on most streets (noisy) not to mention increase in crime. Ive been attending events held by Brenda Stardig, council member for District A, for past year and glad she will be my rep. The Near North West group has big plans for Antoine. Does anyone else think it’s time to consider Inwood Forest now?
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