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  1. Do you think this map http://www.pwc.com/us/en/asset-management/real-estate/emerging-trends-in-real-estate.html gives a good assessment of the real estate market in Houston? Especially when compared to the other cities of comparable size?
  2. I was digging through the archives here, and I couldn't find this. If anyone as tips they use to help make buying a house easier/more affordable, share them here. Houston is growing. Let's do our part to help keep it that way. I'll start. Find what the average time is of a house that has been on the market, and if the one you are looking at has been for sale longer than that then you are in a good position to bargain. This may be a no-brainier for some of us, but a lot of first time home-buyers will not know this.
  3. Do you think there are more small investors in Houston than, say, 10 years ago? Every market is different, and some of us would like to think that this isn't New York City which is full of corporate investors.
  4. Sounds world class. It also sounds like you're not going to see everything in 1 day. I'm picturing homeschooling groups on field trips to learn art.
  5. The Improv is the best. A comedian has to work his way through all the rest to get in there. You're guaranteed a good time there
  6. I prefer the mud hut look. Practical and functional. I prefer the older ones......from the 50's to the '70's Like this baby in uptown Phoenix: It's still there and still occupied.
  7. Have you heard of or seen this software yet? http://mentalcanvas.com/ It looks very advanced, hence the question. If my brother had this back in the '90's it would have made things so much simpler for him.
  8. http://www.archdaily.com/797080/adaptable-bamboo-geodesic-domes-win-the-buckminster-fuller-challenge-student-category-2016 People are getting really innovative with the usages, needs and designs of various materials. This isn't the first time I have ever heard of this, but the above article goes to show that this isn't a passing fad. Will there come a day when this material is integrated into others?
  9. If you really want to get a good grade on your project, contact suppliers, manufacturers and quarries. They should all be able to point you in the right direction.
  10. Give it time. Houston is still relatively new in this regard seeing how the growth has only really taken off just recently. Now, would anyone happen to know why the site linked has a Chinese language option?
  11. I'm just hoping it will be financially worth it in the long run. They can do all the studies they want, the ridership will be what really counts.
  12. Then they're idiots in that regard. I guess they have more pressing issues than this,a peripheral need that stems from the growth they want. No foresight at all.
  13. @gargoyle_dreams Your link showed what i thought it would, and it's basically the same as any real estate tax record you're going to see anywhere in the country. There is a distinction made between land value only and property value that has a livable and/or workable (like a detached garage) structure on the land. These are called improvements (to the land only) and will raise the value of the land (which is now termed "property" because of the additions). "Mis-improvemts" reflect a building that is either unlivable, unworkable or torn down and thus decreases the value. If you can't do anything with a structure per city codes, then for tax and valuation purposes, the building is no longer there and the "property" has been downgraded (or in their interpretation, "mis-improved") to "land". In the first two examples, a city, county or state agency will have been involved in those determinations and will have recorded them. This record transfers to the tax deed for the purpose of the re-evaluation of the worth. In the last example, the same sort of applies in that a civic agency of some sort will have been involved in that process (like when they slap a 'condemned" sticker on the structure) and also recording it. All that aside though.....mis-improvement shouldn't even be a word. It doesn't reflect the proposed meaning, it confuses folks and it sounds like something a damn third grader made up.
  14. Follow me on this........Trump is a real estate mogul.........Wall Street seems to love the fact that he's now president, http://money.cnn.com/2016/11/09/investing/dow-jones-trump-wins-election/ there will be a surge in the real estate market http://www.forbes.com/sites/lawrenceyun/2016/11/10/trump-presidency-and-impact-on-real-estate/#40a66d9040b7 (read the 2nd to last paragraph......the depreciation "loophole" as an incentive) and this will force supply and demand to do what it does. The moral of the story? Get it while the getting is good because real estate prices are going to rise.
  15. I think you understand his point though, Ross. It's stupid that they have to implement tolls when the people in charge of dispersing funds for projects don't know how to do math.
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