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  1. How the times have changed. Writing a book can be seen the old fashioned way as a physical thing, or a digital product/E-book. If I created a digital product to sell, it would be a book or short story.
  2. Me. In my humble opinion I would be the best leader this country would ever know. I would be fair, honest, hardworking and do my best for the best interests of this country. Not other countries.
  3. Yes, it's official. He's in. Love him or hate him, he's our next president for the next 4 years. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think we're going down or up with him at the helm?
  4. Majore12

    Scary God

    I was taught that he was judgemental and that you could go to hell, but that he also forgave your sins. I was given mixed messages.
  5. Even if we get a Washington outsider inside the White House who is promising to upend that apple cart, do you really think anything about the political process will change? As it stands, any social change needs to go through Washington at some point, so whoever the president is doesn't really matter too much.
  6. Then you have to make it known that enforcement is not an option, but a requirement. The rich people MUST integrate and acclimate with the poor.
  7. Tell people to quit getting richer? Relocate criminals to the suburbs? If rising real estate prices in one area are not the sole reason for lowered real estate prices in others, I'm not seeing a problem here.
  8. I knew that.....I was just testing everyone. That's a part of history I'm not very familiar with so thank you for clarifying that. I'm not a political person nor do I pay much attention to how buildings get their names.
  9. Is there anything relevant to that here in Houston? I always did love that show and I think something like that would work here. I haven't looked very hard yet so i thought I would ask here.
  10. That is a good point. I never went there and I don't know anyone else who did either. Some places are just destined for a quick death I suppose.
  11. Why does that decor look like something straight out of the '60's? I would have to walk into that building to get a good sense of whether that works or not.
  12. I always did believe they need to find another moniker other than "hobby". Especially now that the two are physically connected. Music should not be lumped in with something that implies that you don't take it seriously.
  13. So if I'm to understand this correctly, they have enough asphalt so all they have to do is re-stripe it? I don't know if this is a good thing or not.
  14. This is very good news indeed.Thank you for sharing it. The more music education, the better. How much do you have to donate to get your name on a musical note? That would be too cool.
  15. Baseball can be a very intricate sport sometimes in regards to HOW a team tries to win. Using this drought as a motivator, (We don't want to be hungry anymore) I'm sure, is something the Cubs are putting into their mindset.
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