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  1. Well, I for one like the diversity of the types of topics found here and I don't find it weird in the slightest that people make use of them. Why else would the topics be here if they weren't meant to be posted on? And the coffee? You know, I've been around the internet quite a bit and it just sounds to me like the poster just woke up, got some joe and wanted to chat. Where's the harm in being a lonely nerd? I'm a real estate junkie by trade and I do participate in those topics, but I also like talking about anything else that comes to mind while I'm here. Yes, I'm new and I found the site (no lie) while searching for Donald Trump information. You know, that real estate guy who just got a new job? I don't know, maybe the other newbies are Trump supporters too. That's it...........it's Trumps fault.
  2. True, a 911 operator is not a mere bystander, but they, the operator on the phone and a person physically there, are both in a position to help. A 911 operator is trained to help whereas the average bystander is not. That being the case, I think that law in New England has it backwards.
  3. What do you think this world would be like without organized religion? Do you think it would be peaceful? Would we find other reasons to hate each other and fight each other?
  4. My thought is, you answered your own question and don't even know it. Some people don't like HOA's. Some people don't know anything about them until they move into that kind of community, then later come to that realization. When they do....they sell and move.
  5. Perceived quality typically means that most people feel that it is insulated from the crimes you see in the urban areas. Zoning regulations that keep certain businesses. like pawn shops, out of certain areas will help with that.
  6. I got the impression that Memorial was upset that some people got lucky. The people who bought homes in areas where the property values increased over the years and not decreased. The post seemed more like a rant against rich people than anything else.
  7. It depends on your vantage point. The people you speak of don't see a problem. The people Memorial are referring to......do. Other cities should have this issue......where people seem to be getting richer. Or at the very least, their property values are going up.
  8. If it's a town-home in a row of 8 then I imagine they are all physically connected. That being the case, they all have the same foundation. That being the case, there is no leveling of the foundation under your home without effecting all the others. Especially if you're smack dab in the middle.
  9. This would be like charging someone for standing by and not doing anything while they are watching a crime being committed. I only know of one state, somewhere in New England, that will actually charge a person for doing nothing to stop a crime they are watching being committed by someone else.
  10. This is good news, thank you for sharing it. The safety of our children comes before anything else in my opinion. Details would be nice though......like what level he is.
  11. Eliminating mosquitoes in your yard is exactly what you want to try to do. Killing them off isn't going to happen, so you want to simply re-locate them.
  12. Apparently darted bricks are hard to come by. I Googled it and this is the best I got: http://www.i29brick.com/Brick_Examples.php If there are darted bricks in any of those pictures, you need to already know what they look like as there are no product descriptions.
  13. Some people don't mind a close proximity to a freeway if they have a long commute. Surface streets can be a drag in this case. Besides, soundproofing has come a long way these days.
  14. What do you guys think is the ratio of people graduating with this type of degree to getting placed in a job right away? Is this market ripe for architects and engineers?
  15. How much do you think this facet of a building plays a part in the designing of a building? Especially one that's "groundbreaking" in terms of height?
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