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  1. I've always felt like our skyline is seriously overlooked on a national level. Not sure why. Maybe it's because we actually have 3 or 4 of them, when you consider the Downtown Skyline, the Galleria area, the Med center, etc... Most large cities just have one giant downtown, but we seem to have several "downtowns" in our urban sprawl, which makes for more than one skyline.
  2. One of my favorite backdrops / photo spots is the Sabine Street Bridge...I've shot a few videos there and taken some pics there as well because I like the background image. Even used this shot as a header image on my site. Houston has to have one of the best skylines in the US (and probably the most overlooked). And I've always been a fan of the symbolism imposed by bridges so any time I can combine our skyline with a great bridge, I love it. I like how it has some great color contrasts with the green trees and the urban-esque (is that a word) skyline. It's just a great spot for photos and videos (except for the passing car noise). What other bridges are picturesque in Houston? I need more photo locations.
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