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  1. I think the laws of the universe are a topic that is grossly misunderstood by a lot of people. The movie "The Secret" was a wonderful first step in getting people to become aware of these laws, but I'm afraid it didn't really do enough to sway the public opinion and mass consciousness much.
  2. I've always believed that the basis of all religions no matter how diverse is the same. It is Faith and Expectation. Whether it's a belief in God, Bhudda, Allah, Holy Guardian Angel, Ancestors or Smurfs - the bottom line is the same. It's the belief that matters, not what you believe in.
  3. You know the Chinese saying that goes: The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now? Well, it's sort of the same with your retirement plan. Yes it's best to get started as soon as you start working, but if you didn't, don't sweat it. Just get started now and stay consistent.
  4. I like to cook. I know most people will consider that to be even more work to be avoided when you get home but I find it very relaxing and I feel so calm and at ease when I'm cooking.
  5. I only have a couple but I'm definitely working on increasing the pipelines soon. I have been learning how to trade stocks and soon I'll be able to add that to my list.
  6. Post videos to Youtube daily and get paid from the ads that are run by Google. It's a fun way to make money sharing knowledge about skills or talents that you already have.
  7. It's always a great idea to teach them while they are young. If kids are conditioned as soon as possible, they grow up thinking that it's just the way things are done and it becomes second nature to them to save money and use it wisely.
  8. I think your best bet is to use VPN. Other than that you may have to change the motherboard. Or at least that's what I think. I don't know what the experts here would suggest.
  9. I find that I'm online almost all the hours I'm awake. I don't know how healthy it is to be so dependent on technology for everything but that's just how my life is. My work and play are all connected to the internet. What do you use the internet for ? And could you do without it if you had to?
  10. As a mother I struggle to find really good and entertaining books for my six year old. She loves to read and I want to encourage her but she is going through the books faster than I can provide them. Can anyone recommend a few children's books that I can get? Or some really good authors to look for?
  11. That is a really good book and I would recommend it to all my friends and family. I've read it countless times in my life and I will continue to read it over and over because you learn something new each time. Or at least I think that you learn something new about yourself each time you read it.
  12. That is so true. I have so many personal favorites but right now I'm reading a book called 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Steve Covey. It's very informative about why people do the things they do and why they don't do some of the things that they want to do.
  13. I read somewhere that the crime rate in Houston was going down and then a few weeks later I read a conflicting report that stated that the crime rate was actually going up. What is the real story?
  14. Are there any good improv comedy clubs in the Heights? What are some of the best clubs that you have been to?
  15. I'm a little lost and confused right now... What's the facet got to do with room acoustics, or was that an error?
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