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  1. According to Glassdoor, the national average for pay for an architect is just over $74,000 a year. If a person gets with a Houston firm, do you think their pay would be comparable? Higher? Lower? How much of an incentive is there for architects to work here?
  2. What werdserf said. it's a bad word that should read "depreciation". Get higher up on the real estate scale where you're dealing with millions of dollars worth of property, and this somehow equates to tax write-offs. Trump made a lot of money that way
  3. Collaboration tools are very diverse in use and application. From Slack to Concept Inbox. What exactly re you trying to do? Collaborate with people in real time? Or share ideas with people with no time frame in mind?
  4. Being one of the most divisive countries in the world comes with the territory when you are the melting pot of all cultures that want to come here. People become divisive when they close themselves off from acclimating with other cultures. Blacks and whites can all be born here, but we, at some point, came from different cultures and we live our lives with that as a base. You can mix people in the same country all you want, but you can't erase their heritage. That's all and fine, but when people want to live as if their heritage is better than others.......you have divisiveness between cultures. It is what it is.
  5. What is the most amount of money you would spend on a computer system? With so many different makers and competition in pricing, is it really necessary to spend over $500 on a top of the line system?
  6. I have heard that Hines is very comprehensive. Well worth the price of admission. Anything that is built needs a design first. She should keep that in mind if she's interested in this.
  7. All depends. Are you talking about jobs just in Houston? Texas? The U.S.? Anywhere else in the world? Same with the schools themselves and the amount of contacts they have. Too many variables to say with certainty. My gut tells me though that the ratio, overall, is good.
  8. It looks like they did Majore. I had my doubts when they were down 3 games to 1, but they dug deep and pulled out all the stops. It was a very impressive way to end the drought.
  9. We should just call it "Houston Blue" and add it as a requirement in the building codes. You're right, it looks good at night and the city planners ought to keep the night lighting in mind.
  10. You have 2 browsers open, Chrome and Opera, and are alternating use between both. Will what you do on one website in Opera show up on the same site in Chrome after you refresh the page in Chrome? Do different browsers "transfer" well?
  11. And the poor Cubbies can't make the list because of the Bulls? 108 years not counted because of that? Now that's harsh. I grew up near Chi-Town......they need this.
  12. No problem maestro. Is the FCC involved in the tweaking? Anyway, hope you get it situated soon. There's something about the AM band that I always liked over FM.
  13. Hastings


    I'm on my 2nd Corona......am I allowed to post? I'm loving everyone's suggestions. I like a good sports establishment on Sundays, and especially one with local brews. Any suggestions on that?
  14. If we can't beat Notre Dame this year ,we should worry. I'm an NFL guy but I do try to keep an eye out for the Horns.
  15. Here's to having a better season next year. The lineups may not be the best, but they're our Astro's. We have to root for them.
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