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  1. Hey guys. Can anyone tell me which might be the best touch screen laptop model to get? I need one that I can use for both work and online gaming. (I play quite a lot and I need really good graphics)
  2. I am totally with you on that one UtterlyUrban. I'm just glad that I learnt this early on and I didn't splash my personal life all over facebook for the whole world to see. And people need to remember that the stuff they display there is out there forever and ever so they should be more careful about what they advertise.
  3. I am actually in the middle of a training program so that I can learn how to use Linux. I was very happy to hear that I didn't have to choose one over the other and I can actually use both Linux and Windows OS.
  4. That sounds like something that I would definitely be interested in and I'm sure my boys would have loved it. Too bad we missed it. I hope they have something similar planned for Halloween.
  5. I would like to have this explained to me so that I can understand. What is the difference between religion and spiritualism in your opinion?
  6. I always wonder why some people claim to be so religious and yet when they or someone close to them has a genuine religious experience, they choose to ignore it. I mean, make up your mind already. You either believe or you don't.
  7. The title of this thread really grabbed me and I just had to come and see just what it's about and reading through the posts here, I admit I still don't understand but I learnt a few new things...
  8. That is so funny. Thanks for sharing that. This is going to be a really interesting thread, and I will be back to post a few jokes of my own (for the life of me I can't seem to be able to think of one right now...)
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