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  1. I think it's brilliant. This is the first time I'm hearing about something of this sort, but it totally makes sense, and it is a unique way of making sure that no one hangs around there.
  2. I like to read. Give me a good book anytime and watch me get lost in it for hours and even days at a time. I just love immersing myself into another world for a while. It's really freeing.
  3. Leanne

    Happiness is...

    Happiness is spending half an hour sitting with my kids on the floor and coloring with them while they tell me stories or about their day. No feeling compares to that.
  4. I'm with you totally on that one Kay2. If you think about how even the kings of olden day lived, we are all so much richer than they ever were if you consider the luxuries and experiences that we have in our lives and yet somehow we manage to have more stress than ever before.
  5. That is so sad. It makes me sad to think that that could happen to me or someone close to me and I can't imagine how I would feel knowing that people just stood there and let it happen. I know for a fact that I would probably be too scared to help anyone getting mugged, but that's only because I'm very small and I probably wouldn't be much help anyway.
  6. There is a great tutorial online about how to build your first mobile app in 12 easy steps and they take you through the whole process from laying out the flow and features to hiring a developer/designer. A quick search online for 'how to develop an app' will show you the results. Good luck.
  7. I don't think I could live without the internet. I don't know what I would do if it went offline for even a day! My life is also so dependent on the internet it's scary.
  8. I think the answers to Hastings' questions will help us suggest the right tools for you. It's hard to say without knowing exactly what you need them for.
  9. That is precisely the reason why I would not want to go for a refurbished machine if I could afford a new one. I wouldn't want to have to 'limit' my time on my laptop just because it couldn't handle the load. As a fellow gamer, I want something that is fast and reliable.
  10. I have always believed that books have the power to change the course of our lives. It's sad though, that these days people would rather be entertained than informed. What books have changed the course of your life? Maybe it's a book that taught you a new skill or showed you a new way of looking at the world or taught you how to change your thoughts and your reality?
  11. I just got this idea from the other thread that I just read. What if we all list our ideas for creating passive income streams here and hopefully inspire each other to create financial independence for ourselves? What ideas do you have, even those you haven't implemented yet?
  12. Not nearly enough, yet! I have my regular job, and also I have a blog and I do some freelance work online. This all adds up and it takes care of a lot of financial stresses for me but I would really love to have a source of Passive income where I would earn even if I couldn't work.
  13. Once upon a time there was a talking spider who lived in a barn. One day the spider was out taking a walk and came across a little girl sobbing by the side of the road.
  14. I'm not ashamed to admit it, but every few months I watch the Harry Potter movies all over again from the first one to the last. I don't know why but they never get old for me and they are always as exciting as they were when I first watched them.
  15. I think everyone should take into consideration what their body responds to and what it doesn't. When it comes to dieting and weight loss, there is no 'one-diet-fits-all' and each individual will get varied results from the same diet because of all the other factors involved.
  16. I was sort of into the game when it first came out because of all the hype. I couldn't help myself and I didn't want to feel 'left out' but now that the buzz has died down I've lost interest and now I'm back to playing my all time fave game Civ VI
  17. I haven't read that book but I was intrigued by the title and I think I just might search for it and read it. I hope I can find it in an ebook format.
  18. I think that you just made me a little more confused than I was before I read this post, SirJac. LOL> B\ut seriously, that is food for thought. These are some of the things I've never really given much thought to until now and it's really interesting to see just how varied the opinions out there are.
  19. I think the one thing that really stood out for me in all those years of Sunday School (besides how scary and full of wrath God was...) was the saying "God is love" That has stayed with me all these years and up to this day, if someone asks me what or who is God, I always answer, God is love.
  20. Thank you for the reply and the suggestions. I will definitely be sure to check it out as soon as I can. Does anyone know what 'specs' I should be looking at? I'm new to this and I don't really know how to pick the best one even on the review site.
  21. My grandfather told me that the majority of people who are 'devout Christians' but are experiencing negative things in their lives it's only because they say one thing and profess a belief explicitly while implicitly believing something else, and so the universe (or God) gives them the essence of what they are giving out in their lives. What do you think about this statement?
  22. I was brought up in a Christian household and in the past decade or so I became familiar with the Law of Attraction. I found that a lot of the principles in these two teachings are very similar. Does anyone else here believe in the law of attraction? What evidence of it working have you seen in your life?
  23. I think you have a point there FireFighter. I must have meant Spirituality. I didn't think there was any difference between spirituality and spiritualism. Thanks for clarifying that for me.
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