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  1. Well, as a place that has added and been adding many more residents to its population, some places are hardly recognizable. Here's a cool link (a bit dated, though): http://www.rentcafe.com/blog/rental-market/changing-skylines-10-time-lapse-images-show-houstons-dramatic-transformation/
  2. My guess would be that the new bricks used are of the soft mud variety, with the 20% water content, that had not been burned/dried properly, hence their poor quality. This brick type can be the most durable, though, with the right manufacturing conditions. On the subject of the original bricks, I'd never heard of darted bricks, either; a question, though - how long have Dart-Tex bricks been around for? I tried looking this up but could not find the related info. The reason I'm asking is, one, out of curiosity and, two, to see if it fits with the timeline of when the building went up.
  3. I'd say for me this would be a structure built in the modernism style with the touch of Lake Flato. I find this style futuristic as well as fitting for the metro.
  4. I have actually heard of this tactic of putting up fake graves before. I can't recall the exact details, but it was to prevent a proposed building project from passing.
  5. I appreciate the example given, and I must admit I am not well-versed with the intricacies of the law in this regard. I don't consider it right, though, to put people who are in such important positions in the same category as bystanders.
  6. Reading through this post, the name Ralph Anderson caught my eye, because of the Astrodome, of course, which he designed with other prominent architects. I really hope the fate of that building turns out to be a good one.
  7. This crypt is located under the Franklin Street bridge over the Buffalo Bayou. It was initially the burial site of the early 19th century settlers, the Donnellan family, until their remains were moved to another location. Last I heard, this was an abandoned site, but I've been warned that it may be owned by someone; is it, though?
  8. A little background for those unfamiliar with this subject: the owners, Hearst, then Hines, have obtained a permit for the demolition of the structure; however, Linbeck, who owns the property north of the building is pushing for a halt, citing contractual conflict. Does anyone have the latest update on this?
  9. This link provides a news piece on sex offenders, including Charles Simpson, caught this year. It does not mention anything much besides the statistics, though.
  10. Sex offender Charles Simpson, who had been on the run since January this year, was captured on November 3rd in Houston. The tipster who led police to his whereabouts was rewarded with a handsome check of $3,000.
  11. I think it is important to note that, although the newsletter states that glass has no value in the commodities market, glass is recyclable. Please do make the extra effort required to place them at the nearest depositories.
  12. This photo puts me in a nostalgic mood as it conjures up childhood memories of when I used to spend a lot of time outdoors. It also relaxes me as I enjoy rain and it certainly looks as though there is rainfall captured in the image.
  13. There are a few other structures that make me want to tear them down, but nothing comes close to this one. It brings out the worst in my obsessive compulsive tendencies.
  14. Although we all know by now what became of this case, it still escapes me why they had to spend $17,000 to investigate the claim that Patton had indirectly used work equipment to scan some personal papers.
  15. It would be interesting to see the statistics as to how listeners are reacting to the change. Might be a bit of a shocker for the radio execs.
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