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  1. Thanks for checking me out. I am a little bit okay now.
  2. My partner and I are planning to go around Houston and explore its wonderful places. We're thinking of visiting museums and art places. Do you have any recommendation for this? Any comment would surely be helpful.
  3. This is also my question. I'll bookmark this thread to get updates..
  4. Oh, so it will take another six months for this project to complete? Thanks for this.
  5. So this is really moving forward fast? That's great to know, right?
  6. Well, this is great to know. Thanks for the update about this!
  7. I will send this to a good friend of mine. Thanks for the link!!
  8. It's good to know that there have been a lot of developments in the past about this project.
  9. I am looking forward to this. Another great project.
  10. Wow! This looks fascinating. I love how simple it looks yet complex in beauty.
  11. Wow. This area is huge! I wonder what's going to be built there.
  12. Wow! This looks fascinating. I love how simple it looks yet complex in beauty.
  13. Thanks for all your replies. It's not the facebook feeds that's making me sad unless it's terrible news. I don't know the exact reason; I am always overthinking. When I try to do something, I feel agitated. I read about this: https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/depression/. Do you think I need medical help?
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