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  1. my parents moved into new house across from Feld Park in 1947....Gordan Elementary was still a rice field...when it opened u had to walk along a board walk to keep dry after a rain. Mom could look out kitchen window..toward Bellaire Blvd and see the buses...for us boys, riding bikes to Teas Nursery was an adventure...like going out to the country. This was baby boom time so on our one block street there must have been at least 75 kids....easy to get up several baseball or football teams to play at Feld Park or to organize "gangs" for building Christmas tree forts.....lots of good memories of old Bellaire.....lucky enough to raise a couple of kids later on in what was "The City of Homes"............
  2. 1966-68..remember being a little nervous the first time...wasn't sure how safe this location would be... but a great venue...Robert Klein, Lightning Hopkins etc RE: Sand Mountain maybe 1965? just before high grad....it was on Richmond believe..very plain,small and "cozy" coffee house saw a folk singer...Jimmy???...this was a first date ...remember very clearly the singer asking for "all virgins..please raise your hands"
  3. in Bellaire we were MAdison exchange...Mom had same rotary dial phone from 1949-1985 (& paid the monthly fee all those years)
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