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  1. Yes. It's part of the food hall Conservatory. The food hall has yet to open.
  2. I mean, it's puzzling with the continuous concept comparisons to places like Turkey Leg Hut, Taste, Lost & Found and Kamp, how anyone would not grasp that this place will be or similar to a lounge and have a DJ on hand. Anyone familiar with any one of those establishments or places similar to them knows the vibe. The music situation is also a given. And if someone isn't, a glance at those business' social media or review listings also provide insight, or at the very least, sets some sort of expectation for this business.
  3. The new restaurant taking over Diablo Loco's former home at 6025 Richmond may be named Will Call. Or it's possibly named Rock House (or may be spelled Rockhouse). Rock House is the latest dining concept from Paperchase Hospitality, the group behind restaurant the Warwick at 5888 Westheimer. The menu will center on Southern cuisine. More from Rock House's Instagram bio: "Inspired by robust southern cuisine we present a dining experience featuring comfort foods, hand crafted libations & live music." https://www.instagram.com/rockhousehtx/ http://www.rockhousehtx.com/
  4. 6025 Richmond Ave was home to Diablo Loco, a sports bar and grill that closed its doors over the summer. It opened in either 2013 or 2014. https://swamplot.com/the-sports-bar-thats-replacing-the-saxophone-on-richmond/2013-03-07/ Prior to Diablo Loco, jazz club and restaurant the Horn operated here. To my recollection, other businesses operating on this property since the 2000's were: Cabo and Billy Blues.
  5. I don't think this is in the Galleria area, but it's close by. However, there doesn't seem to be a dedicated forum for southwest Houston or the area that consists of the neighborhood this property is located. 6025 Richmond Avenue
  6. Goode Company posted this update yesterday about the Kitchen & Cantina location coming to the Heights. This was shared in an Instagram story. Goode Co. Kitchen & Cantina is opening soon at 1801 Yale St. "Things are moving along at our Heights location..."
  7. It appears the new owners of 1031 E 24th St may no longer have plans in maintaining the property as Dan Electro's. From a comment on Reddit last month: "new owner bought the plot a few months ago and said he was gonna keep it running but changed his mind about two or three days ago all of a sudden and told everyone that we had a week to get out" https://old.reddit.com/r/houstonmusic/comments/xouobs/with_dan_electros_closing_at_the_end_of_the_month/ Maybe others here have further insight?
  8. Photo of Triola's at 4606 N Main St from Facebook
  9. Interior of Houston Toy Museum at 321 W 19th St, Ste C. The photo comes from Shelbi Nicole Designs.
  10. The Arkansas location has been listed on the Meteor's website for a while, at least when I started this topic. It was still available for sale when I started this topic. It was listed for sale and/or lease. It's possible the property is leased out but the landowner is still looking for a buyer.
  11. Posts from other topics about 4721 N Main St, particularly Suite M, which was previously home to coffee shop Morningstar. The Tipping Point Coffee closed its Heights location at 4721 N Main St, Ste M. I'm not sure if it closed in the spring or summer. Taking over the unit is a new coffee concept from David Buehrer of Greenway Coffee. Buehrer's latest venture is named Fruit Service Co. In addition to coffee beverages, smoothies, juices, and acai bowls are available. A small menu of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and baked goods are also on the menu. https://www.instagram.com/fruitserviceco/
  12. I don't know if the name of this retail center at 4721 N Main St. After Braun Enterprises purchased and redeveloped it, the shopping center was renamed to Heights Place. Braun Enterprises sold the center a few years ago. A listing on Loopnet last years claims the center is named North Main Shops.
  13. The owner or co-owner of Norwood is now billing it as a restaurant and lounge. This is the description provided in Luis Rangel's Instagram bio for his forthcoming projects. Norwood is the latest hospitality concept from the group behind Gatsby's Prime Steakhouse and Gatsby's Prime Seafood. It's taking over the building previously known as the Midtown Lodge at 2910 Crawford.
  14. Obviously it will have a DJ and little to no live music nightly. If you recall from my previous posts, I noted many times this is a lounge, clubby, dining establishment like Turkey Leg Hut, Taste, Lost & Found, and other similar businesses. All of those places have DJs or streaming playlists. Rarely is live music offered nightly, the exception being special shows or events. Also, I think Crave will be more lounge and hookah bar, which I also noted a few times above. Crave has another location in Las Vegas where there is heavy emphasis on hookahs and partying, but very little on food. The menu posted to their Houston website (the site is down now) showed only light bites. The cuisine is mostly American with few West African finger foods. https://www.craverestauranthtx.com
  15. The name of the restaurant is Maderas and serves contemporary Mexican cuisine. It's located at 120 Westheimer Rd, Suite A. I don't know if Maderas offers fare from various Mexican regions or concentrates on one in particular. You can contact them for further details on their social media platforms. https://www.instagram.com/maderashtx/ Mods, you all may want to merge this with the ongoing topic about the 120 Westheimer property where this is located: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/45596-120-westheimer-rd
  16. @trymahjong this is part of the Fairview Collective and the same info shared above is in that very topic. Mods, please consider merging with the existing topic. https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/32848-fairview-collective-mixed-use-at-fairview-st-mason-st/
  17. Over the weekend, Houston Grub Park announced its relocating to 4501 Jackwood St. It was previously located at 1615 S Loop W. The food truck park plans to host 15 food trucks. There will tents for other food and retail vendors. Houston Grub Park is opening October 7. https://houstongrubpark.com/
  18. Moderators @Urbannizer @Triton @Highrise Tower please consider moving this out of the Katy and Point West forum. The description for that sub-forum states: "Places along the Katy Freeway (I-10), including Addicks, Katy, Memorial, Spring Valley, Westchase, and the villages." This is neither. South Cross Center (or Southcross Center) is located in or near the Meyerland area bordering the West Loop and South Loop. It's not along or near the Katy Freeway / I-10 Freeway. Nor is it in west Houston. It's in southwest Houston. Since the editor didn't create a southwest forum that's for southwest Houston, where this would fall under, and there is no forum for the Meyerland area, perhaps a better fit for this topic is the Other Neighborhood forum. There are other Meyerland area posts in that forum. Also, it may be very helpful for all if the address of this shopping center is included in the title. That way, people have a general idea where this is before clicking on the the forum and scrolling through posts to figure out where this is located. Shopping centers like this one, many Houstonians don't know by name. The address for South Cross Center is 8715 West Loop S. Also the same applies to the topic below: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/44697-172-acres-for-sale-at-9009-west-loop-s/
  19. This is a 125,074 sf parcel bordering Meyer Park Dr, Jason St, and Frankway Dr in southwest Houston. 4501 Jackwood St is catty corner to the Highbank apartments at 8877 Frankway Dr. It's also catty corner to the South Cross Center / or Southcross Center at 8715 West Loop S (where Hobby Lobby and K&G Fashion Superstore are located). I'm uncertain of the neighborhood, but it's near the Meyerland area. I thought since this is in southwest Houston it should be posted in the southwest forum, but the way that particular forum is set up, it's not for neighborhoods in southwest Houston. Jackwood St and Frankway Dr Frankway Dr and Jason St Jason St and Meyer Park Dr Meyer Park Dr and Jackwood St
  20. River Room will be a poker room / social club. As mentioned above, it will be located at 2730 Fondren Rd. There's a website with a video model of the space. Also, there are recent job listings which seem to indicate this could open soon. From the job listings: "River Room Social Club is Houston's newest luxury destination for big poker action, large tournaments, events, good drinks and eats. Our grand opening is this Winter 2022..." https://riverroomtexas.com
  21. Progress photos shared in a video yesterday on the Canary's Instagram. The Canary is a bar opening soon at 963 Judiway. The caption: "Slowly but surely we are making some progress on our project." https://www.instagram.com/p/Ci3cnP7JisH/
  22. Photo of forthcoming Gatsby's Prime Seafood at 1212 Waugh Dr. BuiltNearby shared the image earlier this week in their Instagram stories. The photo shows the signage installed recently.
  23. Construction/renovation for Sonoma's new home at Stomping Grounds is expected to start next month. The estimated opening is December or early 2023. Sonoma is a local wine bar with a few locations in the Houston area. The Heights location closed this summer and is relocating to 1227 W 34th St. Also @Highrise Tower please consider removing the Heights tag you added to this topic. As noted several times, this is located in Garden Oaks. A lot of the topics you eagerly tag in this forum as the Heights are actually not in the Heights or even in the Greater Heights area.
  24. Non-profit coffee house and cafe a 2nd Cup released a press release announcing their move to the Lindale Park neighborhood. However, a 2nd Cup didn't disclose the address of their new location. Press release: https://a2ndcup.com/shop-news/a-2nd-cup-moves-brazenly-into-next-chapter/ Articles about the move published this week: https://communityimpact.com/houston/heights-river-oaks-montrose/business/2022/09/22/a-2nd-cup-coffee-shop-to-relocate-from-heights-announces-second-location-coming-to-third-ward/ https://www.houstonpress.com/restaurants/franks-americana-will-relocate-next-year-andiron-announces-chef-14167894
  25. A 2nd Cup posted a press release to its website this week about the move. Here's a portion about the selling of the property: "This summer, we also received news that our longtime friends, partners, and landlord – Vineyard Church of Houston – needed to sell the building we call home for the financial health of their church. This sale will be completed in November 2022, and will be closing our 11th St location in December 2022." https://a2ndcup.com/shop-news/a-2nd-cup-moves-brazenly-into-next-chapter/
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