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  1. @123Sesame and the thread for the property at 2124 N Shepherd Dr which will become a pizza restaurant.
  2. @123Sesame here is the thread about the lot at 2102 N Shepherd Dr.
  3. Are you referring to the lot at 2102 N Shepherd Drive? If so, there is a thread about it: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/47300-2102-n-shepherd-dr
  4. Here is the sales tax permit filed recently:
  5. La Calle opened its newest outpost this month. Located at 3321 Ella Blvd, it's the latest tenant to open its doors at Ella Oaks. Fast casual Vietnamese restaurant Saigon Hustle opened in the retail center earlier this year. This is the third location for La Calle. One is located downtown and another opened last year in Midtown.
  6. A coffee shop is taking over the 1609 Westheimer unit that was last occupied by UB Preserv (and Poscol before that). Wild is leasing the corner unit. It's the sister concept to Grinder's near Rice Village. According to What Now Houston (a digital publication that's similar to Vox Media's Curbed and Eater, though focuses more on new dining concepts than anything), Wild is anticipating a late summer arrival. Wild opened its first location in the Heights earlier this year. In addition to coffee, it also doubles as a cocktail bar with CBD cocktails and a marijuana dispensary. https://whatnowhou.com/wild-coffee-bar-and-dispensary-to-open-third-location-in-houston
  7. A non-descript strip center is located at 1609-1625 Westheimer. I don't know the name of this shopping center and couldn't find any thing with additional details. Does anyone happen to know if this center bears a name?
  8. Bobby Heugel is opening another concept in the former Penny Quarter space (previously home to Etro), 1424 Westheimer Rd, Suite A. It's next door to Anvil located at 1424 Westheimer, Suite B. It will be a cocktail bar named Refuge. More information and opening timeline on CultureMap. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/05-09-22-refuge-new-bar-montrose-cocktails-anvil-bobby-heugel Refuge on Instagram: refugecocktails Website: https://refugehouston.com
  9. I have not visited this part of the Heights in a while, but I think Studewood Grill closed. Studewood Grill is the steakhouse concept from Studewood Hospitality. It's located on the ground floor of 1111 Studewood Place at 1111 Studewood St, Suite B and it the sister restaurant to Studewood Cantine. A sushi restaurant is taking over the 1111 Studewood, Suite B unit. Hiring posts show a dining concept named Sushi by the Heights at the address. I think the former chef at Aka / Aka Sushi (Energy Corridor location) is involved with Sushi by the Heights.
  10. A rendering of Paradise Palace's exterior from Google Maps. Paradise Palace is one of at least two new retail tenants opening soon at East Village, Ancorian's mixed-use development in EaDo.
  11. Based on an entity filing last month, it's likely Bluestone Lane may open a branch in the Post Oak Plaza shopping center. There was a blurb in Houston Chronicle's retail wrap back in March referencing plans for an Uptown location: "Next, Bluestone Lane will open cafes in Rice Village, Post Oak and The Woodlands later this year and into 2023" https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/texas-inc/article/Retail-wrap-Goode-Company-Barbeque-reopens-17047958.php Bluestone Lane is an all-day cafe and coffee shop from New York. The first Houston area location opened recently in the Heights.
  12. This is wonderful news! I've read good things about Tsujita & Co. And it was on my list of restaurants to try on my next trip to Los Angeles. I saw a comment a year or two regarding their ramen concept, Killer Noodle, possibly expanding to Houston. In glad to know it's finally happening. Thanks for posting.
  13. This post comes from the Restaurant Diversity In The Heights thread, but since there is a thread for the property, it may be useful to post it here: Killer Noodle, a Japanese ramen restaurant coming soon to 1835 N Shepherd Dr, Suite B. This is opening in the unit previously occupied by Cane Rosso.
  14. I grew up near this area. It's not the East End or Greater East End, at least to those of us who lived or still live nearby. This is in southeast Houston. There is a forum for Southeast Houston which is weirdly titled Points Southeast. https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/forum/135-points-southeast/
  15. I don't know if Mellow Mushroom is relocating to Lowell Street Annex any longer. Initially, the Loopnet listing indicated the franchised Houston location signed on for a unit at 726 W 18th St after closing at nearby 1919 N Shepherd Dr., Suite A. However, recent marketing materials no longer list Mellow Mushroom. Tenants listed for Lowell Street Annex include: • Doner Kebab (fast casual German restaurant); lease signed • Blo (blow dry hair salon); letter of intent https://www.crexi.com/lease/properties/177227/texas-the-lowell-street-annex https://api-lease.crexi.com/assets/177227/flyer
  16. It's possible Samsbrook Management Company may operate some type of bar concept at Domain Heights, 401 W 25th St. The hospitality group owns barbecue restaurant the Pit Room, high-end Tex-Mex restaurant Candente, and other dining concepts in Houston. Last month, Samsbrook Management Company established the entity Bar 401 W 25th LLC. The entity seems to suggest Samsbrook will probably operate a business at Domain Heights. If so, it's possible the group has leased a space here or is in negotiations to do so.
  17. I mean no harm in saying this, but if this forum or any of the others outside of the Going Up forum aren't active in terms of projects, renovations, or general discussions, is is not up to the users to make an effort to reverse that? After years of casually browsing/lurking on this site, my understanding of the forum is it's what you make it. If there isn't a lot of content in a particular forum, then make contributions to the forum with useful information that will interest others. This is especially beneficial to those who may live or work in the area and would like to know of projects big or small in their neighborhood. In turn, this will encourage more participation either by the creation of new threads or discussions in existing threads of interest. I see a lot of construction, renovations, for sale/lease signs when driving around East downtown and the Greater East End. I've also come across real estate listings for properties on this side of town. So, there is clearly lots of active projects that could be shared and generate more activity in this forum and similar neighborhood forums. These projects, be it minor renovations, change in ownership, or new tenants, are plenty. But it isn't being posted or shared as frequently. The problem is people are more active in the Going Up forum because people are actively posting there, thus that forum and its threads are more visible versus the various neighborhood forums. The same could happen in the neighborhood forums, but it takes effort on the part of all of us.
  18. Yes, I'm fully aware the purpose neighborhood forums serve on this site. If you haven't noticed, I also share updates here and there that may seem insignificant to some but helpful to others. So, I understand the purpose. However, my initial post was more about my hesitation to share this in March because it's not going to be the big renovation or relocation some of the posters assumed or wished for, based off of their comments above. Aside from brewing equipment being installed, the building itself isn't going to undergo any major exterior renovations (and my understanding is there may be very minimal exterior renovations).
  19. This is wonderful news. As suspected back November in the ongoing thread for this property, I figured the land would likely undergo major changes after Oxberry Group acquired the property: I'm glad to see Oxberry has big plans in store. Existing thread for this property:
  20. Houston craft brewery and brewpub True Anomaly is not relocating from their current home at East Village. I reached out to the brewery about this last month. Shortly after the listing for the building at 4001 Navigation Blvd was removed, True Anomaly applied for a permit with TABC. The brewery said the business isn't moving out of East Village rather it has other plans for the space. The 4001 Navigation Blvd property will be used for production only. So, they're expanding their production facility. I didn't know if that was considered newsworthy or not to create a thread about it, so I didn't. I suppose it's possible the entire operation could relocate there in the future, who's to say. For now though, the building at 4001 Navigation Blvd is for beer production only.
  21. Main & Co. retail update (100-114 Main St): A new nightlife concept is taking over the first floor of the Brewster Building at 108 Main St (part of Main & Co.) The proprietor of drive-thru daiquiri shop Candy Shack recently leased the first floor unit previously occupied by cocktail bars Cottonmouth Club and Barringer's. Named Finish Your Champagne, this could be a bar. If it is a bar concept, it's possible this could be a champagne, wine, or craft cocktail bar based on the name. In addition to Candy Shack, the owner also operates upscale dining concept Juliet near the Galleria area. Social media for Finish Your Champagne: @finishyourchampagne (Instagram)
  22. Moving into the vacated ground floor unit at the Pillot Building downtown (1012 Congress St) is Fabian's Latin Flavors. I'm assuming the restaurant is relocating to the former Christian's Tailgate spot. Fabian's Latin Flavors opened a few years ago at 301 Main St.
  23. From the thread titled "Downtown Restaurant and Bar Scene - More Coming": An update about the ground floor tenant at the Pillot Building, 1012 Congress St.
  24. I don't know if anyone knew of the ongoing thread about developments at the McCrory Building (1004-1008 Prairie St) or not. But there were discussions specifically about this building in the thread titled "Downtown Restaurant and Bar Scene - More Coming." Here are the posts from that thread pertaining to this property:
  25. Another dining concept from FAM Hospitality opened recently at Post Houston's food hall Post Market. From Houston Press today: "P&J's Wich Shoppe, 401 Franklin, launched at POST Market April 21. The sandwich pop-up comes from Top Chef and James Beard Award-winning chef, Paul Qui, and chef James Gnizak, currently the sous chef at FAM Hospitality's Koko Ni in Denver. It will be located next door to another FAM concept, Johnny Good Burger" https://www.houstonpress.com/restaurants/zalat-delivers-pizza-to-the-heights-voodoo-bewitches-cypress-soon-13237076
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