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  1. In my experience, most people in this situation care greatly about money. It's usually the most important thing. We are talking about primarily taking out a single row of houses adjacent to the feeder road. These are not choice places to live today. Most are probably not owner occupied. Both landowners and tenants get money. Sometimes tenants get very significant money in relocation funds. In short, for the few unfortunate folks who lose their homes, those homes are almost all literally on the feeder road. In the end, these folks should receive enough compensation to buy a replacement home in the same neighborhood that is not on the feeder road and still have money left over. I would take that deal any day of the week.
  2. Eminent domain lawyer here. I can assure you that for the very few owner occupied homes along this project it will be the greatest cash windfall most of these folks see in their lifetimes.
  3. The parking lot portion of the block is under different ownership.
  4. SRO, means these are not apartments. They are more like college dorms. Typically, SROs are one person per unit, smaller than a studio apartment, and no kitchen.
  5. My sources say the Holiday Inn is going to become a Marriott. Same developer as the Savoy project.
  6. 50 feet is standard for a pipeline easement.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, there is a circa 2007-8 thread about a Hilton Garden Inn proposed for the vacant half block next to the Wedge Tower garage.
  8. I heard something about a Turkish company and a boutique hotel. That's all I've got.
  9. I heard a rumor that this block would be non-highrise apartments. Sounds like the rumor is accurate.
  10. Looks like my sources may be right...http://swamplot.com/airing-out-at-least-the-old-savoy-downtown/2013-05-16/#more-62044
  11. Agree. Along those lines, I also heard an unsubstantiated rumor of another residential project going up on the block immediately north of Skyhouse.
  12. I hear that the Savoy is in contract. Anyone know anything further?
  13. This proposal is really neat. However, the City does not own the needed right of way. Unless the land is donated, the acquisition costs (through eminent domain), would likely reach eight figures. In short, it's a great concept, but unlikely to happen.
  14. Completely serious. I believe the land has already changed hands.
  15. My sources say it will be highrise residential.
  16. I believe parking was free on weekdays after 6:30 p.m. and all day Saturday at that time.
  17. As 19514 mentioned above, it's an interim use. Skansa bought the block because they needed to relocate a daycare pursuant to their lease obligations with a tenant in another building. They couldn't find a suitable space in an existing building, and they thought this block was a good value. They are testing some new ideas with respect to the building, and will likely tear it down to redevelop at some point in the future. I think you will see this quadrant of downtown developed a lot sooner than you might expect.
  18. I'm hoping someone might be able to give me a recent ballpark figure for a addiing a two-story addition to a home. The house in question is a 1930s two-story colonial with brick and hardy board on pier and beam in the Rice area. The plan would be to bump the back out by approximately 15 feet to add approximately 1200 sqft. Does anyone have an idea as to a typical price per sqaure foot for this type of addition in the Houson area?
  19. I noticed today that Downtown Bodyshop at Travis and Webster is closed, with signs indicating that they have moved. The above, coupled with the County Attorney's unusual lawsuit against the gas station next to the Greyhound Station and the recent rendering of Discovery Green style development of the Superblock has me wondering if something may be in the works for Downtown and Midtown's biggest problem area. Obviously anything big would need to start with moving Greyhound, but it sure seems like something could be happening based on the above.
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