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  1. I grew up in Windsor Village in SW Houston. I definetly remember Kiddie Wonderland. I think those ponies weren't looking so healthy the last time I went in the early eighties. I think there was a Games People play on Fondren that was cool to go to. I also remember a Showbiz pizza place on Fondren and W. Belfort next to the old K-Mart I think. It was similar to Chuck-E-Cheese. I was there when they debuted the Dragon's Lair arcade in 1981 or 82. The line was out the door. And you thought Pac-Man was popular! I think this area is nothing but apartments now. Does anyone know where the old S. Main
  2. Well if that's the case then the S. Main was within a couple miles of the McLendon when it was built in the early 70's. I grew up in the 70's. No recolection of the S. Main theater. It must have been closed around the time the McLendon opened up perhaps. I agree that S. Main was considered "S. Main" all the way from about Hiram Clarke on into Missouri City. I would like to know where the Old Fort Bend Rd. comes into play because that is Harris County not Fort Bend. Although I know Houston annexed many parts of Missouri City from the 70's on up.
  3. I think that was probably the old McLendon Tri-plex Drive-In. I don't think that is considered S. Main. I grew up in that area and S. Main was more west closer to S. Post Oak. I don't ever remember going to the S. Main Drive-In. I think it was closed already when I was a kid. The trick now is finding out what Old Fort Bend Rd. is or was at the time. It doesn't exist anymore and no reference of it on the net that I could find. A good ol' fashioned library would probably be the best recource.
  4. Is that the one that was at the corner of S. Main and Fondren? I believe it was near or actually was Butler stadium at one point. I remember going there about 5 years ago to play piantball in a field just behind there and recall seeing the base of perhaps one of the screens. I could be totally wrong though.
  5. The drive-in I remember most is the McLendon Tri-plex Drive-In. This was a huge drive-in! I lived in that area of SW Houston growing up in the 70's. I remember seeing Star Wars for the first time as a kid and falling asleep during the movie. As time went on it closed I think sometime in the late 80's. I believe it became a flea market at one time. This area of Houston became a high crime area so it doesn't surprise me that it closed down. What does surprise me is that looking at a satellite photo how much still remains of it. I figured it would be a Wal-Mart or some big shopping center by now.
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