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  1. Pershing is kind of a mess too, especially when you consider the kids just east of Main are getting zoned out of their neighborhood and across 288 to Cullen. But at least the school appear somewhat in the middle of the attendance boundary. Westside is just locked into that shape because of the surround school districts. Those kids used to be zoned to Lee, which was even stranger.
  2. Sad for me as well. There's basically no reason to drive down Cambridge anymore unless I need a quick route to the south loop. There used to be a pretty nice neighborhood down there.
  3. That would sure make Bellaire's attendance boundary look like a gerrymandered mess. I mean, a bunch of kids zoned to Lee would be a couple blocks from the new school, while that southern part of Meyerland would be about a mile to Westbury vs. 4 miles to the new school. And the kids in the south Med Center area would have the attendance boundary to Lamar separating them from Bellaire.
  4. I just heard from a neighbor that the real estate for this Kroger has been sold to MD Anderson and will close at the end of the month. Can anyone confirm this? Edit: Confirmed from employees. This store is closing on the 24th.
  5. I'm most excited that the HEB would be right on the Brays Bayou bike trail. If they make a safe way to cross MacGregor then that's one more car chore turned into a fun, healthy outdoor exercise opportunity.
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