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  1. Genuinely curious as to what “side” of downtown is regarded as “wrong” by residents or considered “wrong” by visitors, and more importantly, why.
  2. That last block involves the question of whether they purchase the Green Sheet building.
  3. The current structure going up will not have GFR. Midtown discussed GFR with Winthur Investments but they were not amenable to putting GFR in the proposed 5 story apartment building. They are amenable to GFR in the neighboring 20 story building that will begin as phase 2.
  4. At this point the Pierce is being "decommissioned" -- while these are early days, "demolished" and "removal" are not on the agenda alone.
  5. This thread has some great suggestions regarding Midtown that align with a number of efforts underway. The entirety of Midtown is currently working with COH Plannning & Development to address/change ordinances to encourage some of the very things I'm reading above, here. If you have the time and interest P&D has the final public workshop for the Walkable Places Pilot Project on September 6, 2018 at Trinity Episcopal (Main Street entrance) from 4:00 to 6:00. https://www.facebook.com/events/241468949940281/ Mark your calendar.
  6. By law every TIRZ must set aside 1/3 of the allotted funds they receive for use in the development of affordable housing. This aligns with the TIRZ purpose of hyper local development to address urban blight. The TIRZs within Harris county may use that 1/3 allocation anywhere with the boundary of the County, so the development dollars, of that percentage, is not consigned to the TIRZ boundary. Land banking those funds into the third ward makes sense on a fiduciary basis as the cost of land is significantly less east of 288. It also makes some sense as a means of managing gentrification, though this is more debatable.
  7. Yup, the 3101 San Jacinto location has been, in the past, Club Empire and Club Myst, with dreadful results for nearby residents including a driveby in which 6 people were shot in May of 2015, when it was billed as Club Empire. The nearby residents and businesses protested the TABC license in 2016 and the place shut down soon after.
  8. Thanks. Fascinating to think that 2015 was “crazy busy” and Midtown is now tapering off while we have two 30 story apartment buildings on the rise, Camden at McGowen coming on line, the Windsor finished, etc.
  9. Steinberg Dickey Collaborative have the proposed exterior design of the building on their website.
  10. Anybody have a profile of Ricardo Weitz and Central Houston Cadillac?
  11. The buyer doesn't want the building on the block, so it either moves or comes down. Or another buyer emerges.
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