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  1. Does he really live in the area? You do better going after zoning instead of this
  2. where are you going to get enough kids to fill this? There are too many options nearby competing for the same type kid
  3. its all bad - recycling folks and bumping up inexperienced producers who know little about Houston's sports scene outside of typical pro sports is all these stations do and then letting these ex-nfl folks who have nothing else to do come on the radio to talk more football is just a boring circle
  4. it's starting to develop now - drive down Buffalo Speedway
  5. Brentwood's expansion stalled tremendously in the 90s when the pastor got into hot water - surprised its still on the books But if KHOV is involved it'll resemble Kirby landing most likely or Bayou Oaks - small lot communities cramped together
  6. lol - $305k crammed into a small lot in a high crime area as Cullen and Idaho is a hot corner. Nothing affordable about that and the website looks like it’s a master planner community when it ain’t by any means someone is coming in to make a quick buck.
  7. Holiday Inn Express is coming and a shopping strip called shops at summer park - certainly not the outlet mall lol but its something
  8. hope so - they bulldozed those homes decades ago - but they got to acquire more land from what I see
  9. and Celebration Station sits vacant knowing it could be open but folks don't want to reopen as the demographics ain't what it used to be out there
  10. Rice U is sure putting their hands on all these other communities trying to gentrify but they have no impact in West U
  11. had relatives living off OST and Beekman and now you see nothing- Bulldozed those homes for nothing - Spur 5 is decades away
  12. lol I worked next to one of those places. Wasn't that bad
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