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  1. I actually went back a year ago and its still rolling ironically under the new name. They had a laser shooting thing that went around in circles but it was always broke.
  2. I laugh as UH has basically blanketed the city with satellite campuses way out in the suburbs now offering programs that were the backbones of some schools But they feared UT knowing that would zap 20% of their students overnight - especially the ones who always wanted to go there but has the stay back at home so they went to UH just because.
  3. if only they would've done it right originally but that made too much sense. If you go Chimney Rock to Gasmer you'll avoid touching a large group of people. Or you replace the cement plant, waste plant at the corner.
  4. have you seen the driveways out there? doesn't take much to block them. I pass by Blodgett and Dowling/Emancipation daily and the D-Bar..used to frequent it when it was 7-Sports Bar. Went to the bar off Wichita and Almeda and parking in the middle of neighborhood and walking blocks and hoping the car may still be there due to towing ain't fun. The rules are fluid.
  5. if Houston does what they normally do for gentrifying areas near access such as a major Freeway it'll be warehouses
  6. Kipp South now the land was owned by the Meyers and sat there with cattle all those years..amazing
  7. how does the West Airport extension figure into that?
  8. will they relocate? that land has sat there for decades...hate to see it go for a industrial park or another motel. I remember the McDonald's on the corner of Post Oak and Main and the pizza hut behind it. There was a gas station also over there
  9. It had to be early 80s in terms of Peppermint Park as I went there as a kid in the early 80s. There was no Beltway so it took forever to get there from where I lived. I remember multiple go-cart tracks in Houston as there was a Malibu off 59
  10. that was within the past 15 years? correct? If was off the loop wasn't it?
  11. stick to Atlanta if you want culture and it seems for unified. We had schools given to us in the suburbs but we didn't realize the value we had and ran to join others and then our schools get the bad rap. When blacks get to a certain wealth and political value, we let in-fighting kill it and rather move up the road to be comfortable with no power and voice
  12. so we fire local folks citing cutbacks and then pay for his services? Just keep Cain on if it was money purposes.
  13. I'm surprised the lack of retail at that corner in terms of food.
  14. I guess that's good for Luby's as that's a popular location and the only one going south until Pearland and West Airport
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