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  1. some will enter into agreements with local schools to get overflow students while others will make you show a fee receipt to prove you're a student
  2. Don't think that's the right address as the zip code is outside the beltway - zip code starts past 59
  3. I could've saved them a few bucks on research - someone wants to make a quick buck on cheap land Let's be honest - folks won't send their kids to the local schools - ain't happening- it's HISD- there's several new developments nearby and the schools haven't grown secondly, why the need for more apartments? Put in more single family homes - the major grocers aren't coming out there - there's nothing out there already except older apartment complexes and newer ones when you get near park houston which has a horrible reputation as it is who are these apartments targeting? . Pearland workers? Medical center? we keep repeating the same bad situations
  4. Then as soon as this comes out jolanda Jones wants to cry foul miss Jones - where were you when Wheeler Ave BC bought 2-3 streets off Scott for a church expansion and a parking lot? where were you when the state bought out the back of the community off MLK and OST and bulldozed homes years ago for the spur 5 extension and nothing has happened? where were you when all those homes on Alabama disappeared or how every small lot inside the loop is now being bought and 10 town homes made of crap quality are being thrown out which prices out another family in the area? why no fuss about the private developers buying land on Scott and displacing residents for high rise student housing? cause metro is considering running by TSU and some homes will have to be displaced you want to rile up the masses (most don't even live out there) but use that same energy for the other developments across Scott and Elgin - this end needs a development like that Stay in your lane
  5. it was supposed to be some super Chinese high rides near the park and beechnut in the 90s - started on the massive concrete pads but and it just stopped - pads may still be there
  6. bet the folks who bought homes out here are pleased - do we need anymore apartments out here?
  7. Does he really live in the area? You do better going after zoning instead of this
  8. where are you going to get enough kids to fill this? There are too many options nearby competing for the same type kid
  9. its all bad - recycling folks and bumping up inexperienced producers who know little about Houston's sports scene outside of typical pro sports is all these stations do and then letting these ex-nfl folks who have nothing else to do come on the radio to talk more football is just a boring circle
  10. it's starting to develop now - drive down Buffalo Speedway
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