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  1. with Kipp coming back at the corner you'll have three charter schools in one block plus HISD schools. Where the kids will come from? Pilfering?
  2. nice homes out there but issues with flooding and the abundance of apartments will stop it from growing like it should
  3. looks like a fundraiser for a project that'll change instantly just renderings for now but Shape has its center at Alabama and Live Oak and another at Almeda and Winbern so maybe there
  4. or the latest round of off campus apartments at Elgin and Scott -
  5. by design to lure a store you gotta damn near give them more incentives than the law allows in certain areas. People brag on the HEB coming at 288 but the demographics in the area was enough for HEB to come in knowing they'll still get folks who shopped at the other location to come like the Gulfgate one also. HEB didn't mysteriously have a change of heart as they abandoned minority areas in the suburbs long ago and hid behind the Joe V concept in some. Fiesta and maybe a private grocer like a Pyburns are the only grocers who'll set up shop in minority areas like a Su
  6. That's where I draw the line. Lamar's success is due to taking kids from other HISD areas. If anything, they could afford the grass field and the upkeep while other HISD schools can take the turf field. HISD has turned a blind eye towards their football tactics as they normally are their only hope in football which isn't surprising since they get to raid the other areas. HISD teams play on turf so why practice all week on grass and then have to shift focus to turf? You can practice on a turf field in a rain and maintain it better than a grass field. who else has i
  7. old post office I think - thought the club was going lol was there a taco bell on gasmer and chimney rock in the 1980s?
  8. they still have a turf practice field - no other HISD has that which has been rebuilt to my knowledge
  9. yuck - just what that area needs. More apartments - fill it in with additional single family homes as that area actually is slowly coming back in demand. We had more retail in the 80s at Hillcroft/Post Oak - ironic we have more housing now but little retail
  10. Fiesta says homeless was the reason but a blind and deaf man knows why - why even lie? Once you head east there are no grocery options outside of an old Kroger on Polk I think. The next Fiesta is way on Griggs or the Wal Mart off Wayside can someone explain why the homeless found that place to be popular from the past? Was it always a problem in the 60s and 70s?
  11. how they have a turf practice field and a fully functional softball field? yates has a grass fb field and a sb field that has sat unfinished. Was that extra? Is that an indoor facility?
  12. I grew up in the area - my neighborhood was across the street from the oil fields. They wanted to build an apartment complex on the corner of FB parkway and 2234 which would be on the field
  13. Klein didn't have the Khorville area and Acres Home was ripe for the taking as Aldine, HISD and Klein all got a piece of the action. Acres Homes should've had its own major high school and kept everyone there. But if you look at the older Klein Oak area it was real rural but I guess not enough minorities to feel the quota. What made it odd was that the first AH group was bussed to Klein High then which was ridiculous. That's a far drive now but imagine it then. Sad how they done those kids only to send them back when Klein Forest was built but then the lines basically intersected w
  14. thank UH for that but then they've managed to squeeze out other schools in the area with multiple suburban campuses ironically but fought to kill UT as they knew that was going to hurt
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