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  1. it'll happen...they built the fb tollway with stubs and I remember the state saying south main would NEVER be upgraded to what it is now until that accident when that kid went over the median...they put lights up and everything now if they can cut the Stafford portion out there's hope..lol
  2. i assume west road will run from katy hockley to fry as of now the only way you can get there is a toll
  3. Told you all....problem is how powerful will the fm dial be
  4. hbcu


    He is retiring so who cares.......he doesn't say that if he doesn't resign Tsu's target demographic is what ut wants also...an academically sound African American and to fill certain quotas they will offer them more financial aid than what tsu would offer at times
  5. Matt Thomas is moving to the morning on 790? Clanton goes to midday with Sean Jones..lol... talk about a killer
  6. when it comes back it wont be under 1230 AM
  7. they are horrible and their lack of knowledge of the houston sports scene from high school to college to pro is very obvious...some of these guys never show up to ANYTHING except pro events but they act like they actually know something when asked on the radio lack of diversity hurts also as its obvious they only cover what they feel comfortable with....the internal jokes are a waste of time and the obsession with women jokes is a waste...a phone call is rare
  8. surprised the chronicle has not picked up on this.....their staff has blown up as the old crew has left for 880 AM under the last guy who nearly lost the station in Jessie Dunn....Cooper is left but its a whole new crew over there...I've heard things that the failed mayoral bid was tied to the station and it would implode if unsuccessful its sad what the station has turned into as they've lost any traction with the young blacks and people who drink at the bar across the street barely knows what the station is "frequency issues...ok..."
  9. if 1960 is a food desert than sunnyside is a food volcano
  10. that center doesn't have an emphasis on shopping compared to Rosenberg....it's basically stop and run... the new restaurant is owned by the same company as Joes so they're catering to the area's demographic as they've switched over a few like that elsewhere...makes odd sense considering there's no other seafood restaurant around
  11. obviously yall havent been to cypress where there is 1 HEB per 2 miles...lol the river park chilis was in an odd location considering the one at williams trace has been there forever and the one in rosenberg is surrounded by more retail so your apt to spend more time in that area instead of that one on the grand parkway plus, the rosenberg one has the advantage of attracting small town folks
  12. again, they may be in Brookshire limits but growth will occur in the Katy ISD part first....Royal ISD's perception is going to keep the mega developments away for now unfortunately unless a development can enter and get their own elementary school built....These new developments in Hockley zoned to Waller ISD wont take off until the new high school is announced so the East part of the district can keep to themselves Magnolia ISD built Magnolia West for the old guard and turned Magnolia High to the Woodlands folks in that zone
  13. what was the name of the chinese restaurant on airport and chimney rock?
  14. just take the upper decks down....done....
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