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  1. Hi everyone. My wife & I have lived here in Houston for a little over six years, but are finally ditching apartment life in search of a home. The problem is, we've signed with a realtor we're not very happy with - we'd like to buy in the Shady Acres/Heights area but that is definitely not her expertise. I think we can get out of the contract, but trying a few other routes before going there. I found a few dated postings on this board about this area, but I just wanted to see what was the story. We were looking around 25th St west of Durham, and the area looked nice - but it's hard to really tell if it's safe, friendly and/or a growing area. A lot of this has to do with us just not having a knowledgable realtor, but any general suggestions or questions to ask? I know flood insurance is a great idea for the area. If anything, any restaurant/coffee shop recommendations? Neighborhoods to seek out/avoid? Heck, I will buy anyone on here a beer/latte if they want to meet up and make friends with a young couple looking to learn and embrace where we hope to spend the next 20+ years. We just feel like we're flying blind a bit as first-time homebuyers and want to make sure this is where we'd like to be. Thanks in advance for any replies/suggestions.
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