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  1. wow, GORGEOUS picture and an ever increasingly beautiful and iconic skyline !! Thank you so much !
  2. I just have to comment at this point - seems like the glass outer shell is taking AGES to get done in an area with tons of available construction "man" power available ? Shortage of glass ? Maybe problems with delivery of the product by the manufacturer ? 609 Main has only been U/C for a while longer, yet is almost finished with the cladding, despite being about 10 times as massive. Just my two cents.
  3. I agree NO PALM TREES ! So tired of seeing those in the central, northern and western parts of the city where they are NOT NATIVE. It isn't Galveston and will never be.
  4. Ah, okay, thanks for the correction. Still 40 stories is pretty tall though. Looking forward to one or two supertalls someday downtown
  5. Actually, they also mention an 11 story parking garage underneath? If that's the case, then it will be about 45 floors in total, no ?
  6. Wow, thanks for the link. What an awesome time lapse cam ! I also love that get a bonus construction view of that huge high rise going up to the upper left side of the angle, I'm guessing west or northwest of the museum construction site. Well done thank you !!
  7. Is this the construction starting on the 38-story residential portion or just the parking garage ? Would be awesome if they were starting the high rise construction already !
  8. was about to ask the same thing. seems like since they got to the crown, the glass has been almost "on hold" for now. maybe they are finishing up interior stuff and structure on top before closing it all in at once ? just a thought. awesome building though.
  9. I have the same question - is there some sort of recent rendering of this "tower" ? Would love to find out if my wishful thinking of a real skyscraper would be realized, but not counting on it
  10. I wish this new project or perhaps another one, would either replace or mask that horrible ugly eyesore known as "AllenCenter Parking" garage ! It has been a blight for decades.
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