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  1. wow, this build is moving FAST. I love it !
  2. Okay, I'm forced to get up on my soap box here, sorry if this offends you, or maybe not - Well, I and I'm sure many others on this forum, are very PROUD of the work that Mayor Turner has done to improve the image of Houston. Indeed, all of our mayors in recent decades have gone to great lengths to improve the quality of life. The only mayor I can remember from my childhood that I learned I could never ever support was Louie Welch. Now, HE was a complete idiot if there ever was one. And, trust me, in this day and age, RWNJ's (you can look that one up elsewhere if you need clarification) are all too plentiful in this country. So, I welcome Houston's many recent forward thinking mayors, including Turner. In fact the past 2 decades or so have seen the best city mayors of Houston and have left other cities and their mayor "in the dust". There are many other examples of mayors and policies that were once thought too "progressive" to be acceptable here, too numerous to list. But, we as Houstonians did the unthinkable and tried these policies and low and behold, they work for the good of all of Houston, not just the upper wealthy elite, or just the homeless population. As we have seen lately, no one is perfect in public office, and some are downright evil and corrupt beyond belief. I have seen no such mayor in Houston in many decades of my life in Houston, with the exception as mentioned above. The fact that we have moved so forward as to think of the old Sears store downtown as a new innovation district is more proof at just how progressive and people oriented Houston's brand of capitalism has become. There is and will always be a profit motive, but the PEOPLE of Houston are demanding more and more bang for their buck in the way of a better quality of life, yet still understand how important the profit motive is to obtain the best. I would think all of what I've said here is obvious, but comments to the contrary just proves that not everyone that is intelligent enough to participate in the HAIF blogs, are enlightened enough to stop making nonsensical untrue comments about Houston's leadership. It is simply non-constructive to continually criticize good leadership like ours for the sake of argument and because you disagree with their policies, EVEN though the facts show these policies are working for the vast majority of Houston and it's people. There's a real reason why Houston maintains the boom that started at least 20 years ago and continues to this day - it's sensible leadership and way of life endorsed by that leadership. I say these things because after reading some of the crap (not too many over all thank goodness) these ideas need to be said in this open forum for all to see and read. If we can put up with some nasty commenters words on here, we can put up with my more constructive comments. Period. But, I digest.......
  3. Well, I for one am hoping praying and dreaming of a brand new "supertall" downtown that is higher than Chase Tower. Although 75 stories was pretty awesome in the early 80's, I think enough decades have passed for some forward thinking and very wealthy investor to take us to this next level that all the 3 largest cities in America bigger than Houston have already done. Don't get me wrong. This building will be spectacular and beautiful in it's own right, but it's probably considered more "infill" than anything else. What can I say, I do have huge expensive supertall dreams for this GREAT super city we call Houston !
  4. Good one ! Brought a smile to my face on a hard working Thursday LOL thank you !
  5. wondering how tall and how many stories is this new tower ?
  6. Yes, agreed. The whole "Texas" thing is beaten to death and run into the ground lately, especially IN TEXAS - go figure. Time to diversify and think outside the Texas box for once.
  7. I've looked at elevation maps of Houston endlessly for years. Indeed, there is great variation in elevation, from right at sea level off to the southeast and at the bottom of the east end of Buffalo Bayou, upwards to over 100 feet out near West Oaks and northward near IAH. Downtown proper including Midtown, has elevations that range between 40 feet to near 60 feet. Not a huge difference, but in an area considered so "flat" any elevation changes over an area are interesting to those that are looking around and paying attention to the lay of the land. For instance, driving north on Kirby, then east out of River Oaks and onto Allen speedway - oops Parkway... one can really see the difference between the bottom of the Bayou near 10 or 20 feet elevation to near 55 to 60 feet in that part of River Oaks, with the beautiful undulating, albeit small, front yards and banks of the Bayou, even on the roads to some degree. I'm no expert, but if you want to look around and look closer at our flat terrain, you can always spot a natural elevation variation in many areas just by looking closer. Out in Brookshire, where I grew up, the elevation even rises to a whopping 165 feet - wow and as some one else pointed out, near 200 feet towards Conroe and The Woodlands. A lot of rambling about elevation, I know, but I still find Houston's topography fascinating and ever so important to determining flood prone areas versus those that are reasonably safer from inundation. And yes, ALL of the areas I mentioned here are still in the Houston area, though may not be considered in the "city limits". I'm not sure what city limits really means for us in Houston anyway. WE have no limits !
  8. It is a really cool "house". BUT, that very secure metal fence speaks volumes about our modern fear based society here in America and Houston, sad to say. If I owned it, I would prefer a nice tall wooden, but contemporary fence for privacy concerns, but also to fit in better with the use of more natural materials in a modern style. This would be more in keeping with the current trend in residential architecture. Still, kudos to the architect of the house ! Very cool indeed.
  9. AMEN to that ! I've been pointing that little known fact out on this site for years. So glad someone else noticed, too LOL !!!
  10. Agreed. There's already way more than enough cow and horse manure and so forth in Texas than anyone should ever need, including at the State Capitol.
  11. thanks Houston19514, I really appreciate it ! I'll save it to my email for future reference.
  12. Is this the block just west of the new Marriott Marquis near Discovery Green ? I can't seem to find my map of the block numbers for the CBD.
  13. This is looking very nice. Glad to see the progress with the wonderful exterior materials. Thanks for the pics !
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