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  1. Great photos thanks for those ! This building is making a massive presence felt downtown and I hope eventually on part of the skyline. It is amazing and going up so fast now. I swear Houston has one of THE BEST skylines in the country ! I'm so proud of this great City and region.
  2. I'm sure we'll take it. But, really "a dallas cafe"? Building here in their (they think) arch nemesis city LOL! Too funny.
  3. Same here, I really have grown to like it and it's large presence in the skyline of the West Loop area. And, the suggestion of replacing the color scheme with blue and grey is just gross and way too "cowboys" for my tastes. This is Houston, we do things a little differently here and don't usually follow the herd mentality. This new 39 story development will definitely be welcome too and will add to an already amazing Galleria Area/Uptown skyline that is very unique in the U.S. in terms of giant cities like Houston in terms of both number of people AND in shear land size of the city and the area. Yes, indeed another reason to get excited about being IMHO the best city in America. No limits.
  4. although this looks great and is very nice. it won't be long until mother nature reclaims that part of the trail to herself. this bayou, like most in Texas meanders on it's own and changes with each big flooding cycle. It would be nice for them to put our bike trails much higher or further away from the water's edge so that all that incredible work wouldn't go to waste with a constant barrage of 500 year and 1000 year floods that seem to keep happening at an increased rate. for some reason, mankind, and especially the agency controlling this waterway within Houston, always seems to think we can wrestle, reign in, and generally control our natural habitats and waterways without regard to future consequences. It is a complicated ecosystem and would serve all of us well to better understand what mother nature has taken hundreds of thousands of years to put in place, for our enjoyment and use. Yes, if we could only get rid of stuff like concrete lining of the bayou, cutting off sharp turns whenever it suits us, throwing rip rap on the sides to "shore it up" all the time knowing because of past events that all these things do after a number of years is worsen flooding and bank erosion. I know for sure there is a way to put the bike trails safely at a certain sustainable distance and/or elevation so that we aren't having to tear down and recreate the trails after every big flood event in Houston and Harris County. But then again, I don't believe working with nature is one of this agency's priorities in the least. If it were, we wouldn't have bad decision after bad decision create worse flooding and the need for more and more money to "fix" the problems over the long run. But I digest...
  5. Well, I'm still very excited !! LOL. This would be by far the most forward thinking and looking and attractive development Houston has ever seen IMHO. I only hope it will happen one day. It wreaks of positive growth and energy and "synergy" for this new century and could actually become another huge catalyst for growth and up the stakes in the entire Houston area. I love the extremely interesting rendering. However, I know a lot of dreaded "valued engineering" will most likely take place before this would get off the ground, but the colors, lighting and shapes in this rendering is exactly what Space City has been screaming out and needing for decades. Fingers and toes crossed !
  6. Wow, the taller building looks like somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 stories high, if not higher. Anyone else know the exact height and number of floors ? This will be a game changer in that area of town. We'll take what we can get during this economic mess, but I'm still hoping for much higher towers in downtown than everything always being UNDER 50 stories. Can I go even further to suggest a really supertall tower that Houston and Texas deserves and should have ? Dare I wish for something higher than 75 floors one day, like say oh, I dunno maybe 115 floors with "shorter" towers around 85 to 95 floors one day in my fantasy future of downtown Houston. Yes, it's good to dream, especially at this time, as long as we realize it's probably still a big fantasy for the near future.
  7. LOL looks like you got the last word ! Oops, maybe not so much...
  8. No, its all part of the discussion. Those of us that did however, discuss it, chose to end it yesterday long before your demand. Thank you.
  9. Well said and good factual evidence to support it as well ! Plus, let's not gloss over the fact that, and due to good reporting by legitimate media sources in the past couple of weeks, we've learned that the huge vast majority of protesters in all big cities being discussed and others going on right now have been extremely peaceful. That is a fact as witnessed by the people there, the news media, genuine photography and impartial observers. It is only certain extremist elements and powerful wealthy influence out of Washington DC that have caused or incited or paid for or whatever you want to call it, far right wing almost Nazi like white youth, including those from well known white supremacist groups, to stir up trouble by infiltrating various protests in cities around the country to act as "seeds" of violence in each organized protest. This, obviously is so that the FALSE narrative that "all protestors are looters and thugs and we should use the military to remove them" is given examples and reinforced by hate groups. And that's an overly kind paraphrasing of what exactly we've all heard on the nightly national news since the protests began. It sickens me that there are even a handful of this kind of destructive riff-raff out there in our country that would go along with this false narrative and cause such hostility, destruction and further racial animosity and hatred. So, I commend media like CNN and The Washington Post, and other high profile media outlets for doing the hard work to get to the bottom of what we've all been told VERSUS what we have witnessed with our very own eyes which is so very different and peaceful. That is, with the (very much planned) exception of that small group of inciters and racists or others that would work against peaceful protesting in key coastal big cities, if it means that all of this "peacefulness" does not represent their extreme far right racist views and their idea that protestors are all bad people and rioters and looters and thugs. In reality, the truth is the truth and the lies are being shoved down our throats by politicians in extreme power and influence. Yet, I can tell that many many millions of people are waking up and realizing the truth and that our right to free speech and peaceful demonstrations, far outweighs the extremists' ability to spit out lie after lie and continue to not be called out and punished for it. And no, Houston's protests have largely and overwhelmingly been peaceful despite the actions of a tiny few bad apples, and you can guess where that influence probably came from. Not to say 100% peaceful, but way up close to that. What the local corporate owned TV media chooses to focus on in their broadcasts daily, does not mean that what is being reported is representative of reality. See for yourself and go to witness Houston's protests, as well as those of other large cities and then come back on this forum and provide bona-fide proof that these protests themselves, are causing hate and destruction with each demonstration. If that were the case, we would have TENS of millions of criminals residing in each one of our big cities in America and around the world that feel EXACTLY the same way and condone hate and destruction and violence. No, not only do I know that is a false narrative, but I, too, see ZERO evidence to support that assumption anywhere in the world.
  10. I think this tower looks fantastic in the rendering ! I'd be proud to have it in the TMC. AND, it looks way taller with more floors than are mentioned in the short clip from the full article shown above. Of course I'd love to see it even taller, but by my visual counting, I see at least 48 floors on that tall tower but it could even be more than 50 since the resolution here isn't perfect on the image and I'm actually purposefully under counting floors since I can see them all that clearly. In addition and although being an alumni, I do have several petty reasons to criticize TAMU, HOWEVER these all pale in comparison to such a good looking development and with great intentions to create a huge presence by putting this in place here in Houston in TMC. On this project at least, I have to say bravo, indeed and I really hope all of the renderings I see come to fruition, especially the highest tower. If it happens, it will be extremely prominent in the TMC and far beyond. Covid crisis or not, developers are still bully on Houston and for good reason. Our population's diversity and education are combined as second to none in big cities in America. And, we always seem to weather big national economic downturns better than other mega cities. AND then, we tend to bounce back with a vengeance afterwards ! Our local and regional economy (thank goodness) is no longer 80% dependent on just OIL in the energy sector. We've intelligently diversified in so many ways where the "oil" part is down, way down on the totem pole of importance since that terrible time in the early 80's. This can also be attributed to the local giant energy companies themselves diversifying away from strictly oil related industry and towards alternative sources and ideas. So, the doom and gloom of our economic outlook, at least locally, is most likely way overblown. Not wanting to jinx any of our good fortune, however - nationally, and due to Covid19? Not so much...
  11. That was my understanding from both the previous discussions here, and the photos. I'm sure I could be wrong, however as I am not intimately familiar with this bayou and trail. At this point I hope I'm right. I'm sure someone will correct me on here if I'm mistaken.
  12. I love when cities are NOT afraid to correct the mistakes of the past and this is great if they are indeed, removing the horrible channelizing concrete of so long ago that never allowed the waters of the bayou to simply attempt to soak into the ground naturally like it did for many thousands of years before we arrived.
  13. Agreed ! Although I generally support the legitimate mainstream media reporters out there in the world (and they are doing an incredible job lately in the face of so many attacks by other entities), Mr. Dolcefino comes across as very arrogant and self aggrandizing more and more the older he gets. I remember when he was pretty young in the early 90's and was a fairly decent facts only reporter. Now? Not so much... But, I really hope this KBR site is able to progress soon and we get some nice decent, clean and attractive development on the far east end. This will bring more and more people out there and make it more of "the place to live" in Houston, instead of always further and further away from the industrial areas. Perhaps, this project could serve as further catalyst to cleaning up and greening up the areas to the east so as to negate some of the very ill effects from the refineries not too far away and in plain view of downtown.
  14. Nice picture, and thanks for sharing this with us ! And, there is that gorgeous natural deep blue Texas sky that until recently was a real rarity in SE Texas. Too bad it is destined to be polluted again once things and cars and daily life gets back to "normal" here. At least we had about two months to enjoy this clean air while the Earth no doubt was very appreciative of being able to cleanse for a while and breathe again.
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