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  1. quick question - is the completed glass building in the background with AWS and that yellow arrow symbol anything to do with Amazon ? If it is, I think that is so awesome ! But, do correct me if its something else entirely.
  2. Okay, I'll say it. Wow, just wow. I'm so happy they are alerting us to this erection. LOL ! Good news however that it has started though.
  3. Actually, this does really look encouraging to me. Anyone else ?
  4. sorry for getting so many feathers ruffled by asking one simple question. oh well se la vie. I heard about this earlier this year when they acquired another large oil company. Can't remember the name, but they did talk about a lot of growth and more presence in Houston, etc... while laying off a lot of people at the other location(s). At least that's my recollection. Perhaps it was late last year, but I'm just not sure. I guess that'll teach me for not keeping up with the energy industry every second of every day. As we say "well shut my mouth..."
  5. not to awaken this 7 year old topic necessarily, but does anyone know if this project is still even on the table for sometime in the future at Chevron ? I would love to see another 50 plus floor tower in this area of downtown. At first it was to be 58 stories. And, it only seems natural that Chevron should build this project here considering their ever increasing presence and investment in Houston and the energy sector, plus their tremendous growth I keep hearing about on occasion of late.
  6. Gee, and I wonder who was responsible for this "thing" that happened in 2008 hmmmm, I wonder who ? I personally have no problem with RESPONSIBLE socialized risk as long as it's done fairly and evenly. Of course, lately that is up for debate, sadly. But, as far as this privatized gain that happened and still happens at the expense of us lowlife low wage earners, well, that's the main drawback of our economy and that is the main reason we have something known as "regulations" that are in place (or used to be in place) up until a few years ago. Like everything in life, moderation and fairness is the key. Not too extreme in one direction or another. Unfortunately, Houston is at odds with most of the rest of the current trend in this country of deregulating basically EVERYTHING at OUR taxpayers' expense while benefiting the very wealthy and reducing already scare resources. The trend has to reverse to be fair and before it's too late. Thank goodness Houston does a pretty decent job of weighing both to it's own benefit, and to the benefit of future Houstonians. Very commendable in this current polarized climate where one is wrong if they go towards the middle and try to work together, thereby offending the "purists" running executive government in DC and it's unreasonable hard headed following. But, I digest... We should all be a lot more grateful that wealthy developers are still investing and "bully" on development in Houston in this current economic climate of change and uncertainty and this includes the Founders District right along with all the other improvements that have been made and are being invested in for a great number of years now. I truly see all this development as a huge plus to our fair city, with very little to complain about, at least in our city and area of the country. Visually, I see the change happening so rapidly now, it is hard to keep up with. Unless you drive all over the city and our giant metro area each month, or even week, you are likely to miss something new and exciting in just about every zone in town. This is another great reason that I'm thankful we have the HAIF forum to share our thoughts and updates on what we are able to find out about what is happening and changing every single day. Thank you HAIF !
  7. Wow, if this is the project location, there sure is a lot going on and that has been done already. I would really hate if it were to be completely stopped for good and nothing be built here for a long time. Such a waste of resources, time, effort, and valuable land space in downtown !
  8. Absolutely agree! And, just because so many people have a sort of "rose colored glasses" view that this entire country and this city and county and state have "moved on" from the evils of racism, I challenge them to prove it. It's a huge lie, proven more and more everyday, which makes people like me not only very angry, but extremely sad for America's future and worldwide reputation. We are definitely living in an age (minus the massive amount of fake news created by propagandists right here in our own country) where legitimate news articles, for several years now, continue to report a significant rise in incidents of racism and white privilege/superiority (yes, I am also Caucasian btw). It simply IS happening and there's no denying it. I would have hoped my blessed Houston town was moving beyond the issue in a meaningful way, which in many instances it has been doing for a long time now. But, it does seem that some in this city are once again falling victim (to put it nicely) to those same old prejudices and preconceived notions about non-whites and people from "other" countries. I hope this trend reverses soon & everywhere, and I will continue to have hope and keep the faith. But, I can't help but have my doubts that this will somehow occur sooner rather than later. Yes, there will always be a tiny subset of people in this city and this country that are "racist", however it is defined, but that doesn't mean we can't continue the good fight and try to educate in order to change hearts and minds to evolve beyond those old evil outdated notions. The Ion is caught up in the middle of all of this for good or bad, whether they wanted it or not. So, I would suggest they not ignore it and face whatever compromises can be made so this project is eventually successful, head on. We'll be a better city for it and so will Midtown.
  9. I've been meaning to mention this for years, but I'm not exactly sure where the creepy name "ArchCon" was derived from (but I have a really good idea). It weirdly sounds like some kind of bad guy villain's name. Either way I dislike the name they chose to use. I'll wait to pass judgment on the final project (which I have no doubt will be pretty cool judging by other stuff they've done). And, they'll be pleased to know (because my opinion is so darned important - LOL!), that I will give them the benefit of the doubt until that time, because that's just the kind of guy I am. Just my little two cents worth for the day. You may now go back to doing whatever you were doing before my interruption. 😎 That is all.
  10. Wow, just wow... Oh well, can't placate everyone, but thanks for verifying my observations !
  11. From someone who has been through the hazing portion of trying to join in and contribute to HAIF over the years - just a few words of advice: When you comment on here, just know that there are several "blogging police" (self appointed vigilantes in a way) on HAIF that think it's okay to call out others, no matter if there's a valid point or not, and this even comes from higher ups within the forum (so much for expecting an inkling or even appearance of neutrality.) I guess just take it in stride and contribute, like I do, as you see fit, especially in order to correct the many wrong perceptions people bring into this forum about Houston and our architecture. This includes, believe it or not, many locals that have been here for decades. I would expect nothing less if and when I speak up and my assertions are veritably wrong. Don't take it too personally. It's just some of the longer surviving HAIF members "peeing" to mark their territory as it were, and to enforce their superiority over us peons. On the flip side, there are actually many other fair HAIF members that are pretty awesome and will compliment or recognize your contributions that have real merit. Just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when that happens. Of course, there must be the possibility of a small group of fake little dallas-type "bots" on here as well LOL !
  12. I'm in the Whataburger NEVER "in-n-out" camp and damned proud of it. but, hey, try for yourself and enjoy it if you like it.
  13. excellent design and eye catching. exactly what we need more of in this area and downtown btw.
  14. gorgeous blue Houston sky and why Fall Winter and Spring are Houston's best (comfortable) seasons. Although, summer really ain't too shabby either, considering all there is to do at that time of year. This building is going up quickly now. I'm so happy to see it's progress. thanks for the pic !
  15. wow, pretty cool looking just for parking, and I love it !
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