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  1. LOL! actually it is truly accidental and an unintentional play on words. Thanks for catching it, though. Definitely a subconscious mistake. Sometimes we are guided by forces beyond our control.
  2. "when along on the hunt came a-bubbling crude..." ??
  3. thanks for all the photo updates everyone. this project is really a site to behold. you can almost see the changes happening from a distance every day. Won't be very long and this new skyscraper will rise and take it's place among the most beautiful skyline in America IMHO.
  4. Thanks gclass for reminding us what this will look like and moving the pic towards the latest of the discussion ! I always appreciate reminders ever so often on this forum, of what exactly a building is planning to look like once complete. And, it would be great to see it on at least every other page of each discussion. Thanks again!
  5. Looking forward to this one ramping up soon and progress being made, instead of all the talk year after year and nothing changing. Wonder if it's this nimby-ism that rears its ugly head from time to time in our city of no zoning laws (per se) ?
  6. thank you. apparently, I stand corrected !
  7. Speaking of new developments. Word has it that the Astrodome is now undergoing a huge cleaning out and it appears that things are moving over there. Does anyone have any updates of photos to share? I seldom get by there and I would love to see the changes happening. Thanks everyone !
  8. I have to respectfully disagree. Houston has already surpassed even our wildest expectations in the past decade and there really is nothing holding back the right developer and architect from wanting to make a real statement here, despite land values. Look at other super talls built in other countries in areas no one ever thought would have such a thing. And, from their own accounts, land values had nothing to do with the decision to build, only prestige and desire. Plus, once these giant buildings were built, THEN, land values skyrocketed. Can be sort of a "chicken and the egg" which comes first issue. But, I have tremendous faith in Houston and always have. Haven't been disappointed yet in the direction we are heading and don't plan to be let down anytime soon.
  9. Great news ! This will be an exciting project once it gets going in earnest. Look forward to competing with California for Space Travel ports !!!
  10. very impressive. this build is going up fast and I'm looking forward to it and the Preston and a few others changing downtown and it's awesome skyline even more than the last round that finished about a year ago ! By far, I think Houston has the biggest building boom happening in the U.S. right now, at least changes that are very apparent and visible to those who come to visit. Keep up the good work developers, contractors, architects and everyone making this the most exciting building boom in many decades !
  11. beautiful projects. BUT, one really gets the sense, when they read about the Dior exhibit in Dallas, just how damned full of themselves those dallasites are LOL !!! Maybe if Houston had just a fraction of the self promotion ability of that city, we could overtake them, and rightly so, in terms of popularity, tourism and thus the fame Houston truly deserves. But, I can dream I guess...
  12. Downtown by far. The HEART of Houston.
  13. OMG it is like not even close to lunch and this is making me so hungry - yum !!!
  14. yikes, seeing that corrupt racist sleezeball Welch, just gave me chills (and not the good kind). I usually like to let the dead rest, but like OMG that guy was so vile he makes me ill even to this day. Reminds me of so many deep south politicians from the past few years and how disgusting and toxic DC has become. Wow, just wow...
  15. WOW so many vivid flashback memories ! I was only knee high to a grasshopper at the time, but can remember just about 99% of the people, issues, visuals, and commercials from that time. Looking back, it definitely DOES seem like a lifetime ago, although I never want to admit it was 41 years ago LOL...
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