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  1. thank you. i appreciate the information.
  2. forgive my stupidity here, but just wondered what a "bike tag" is ? Thanks.
  3. Now having had the opportunity to be out of state for the duration of this historic pandemic, I can confirm that my happy suspicions about the westward, northward and southwestward growth of the Houston area are true. it was incredibly dramatic flying in past the Austin area (not far from it btw) looking down and seeing the obvious westerly and northwesterly located housing developments that have literally popped up onto otherwise completely vacant acreage, including some that were heavily wooded in late 2019. In the once tiny town of Brookshire, of course where I was born, even the locals n
  4. wow, is this hater behavior something you live for ? You seem to do this a lot on this forum to anyone that you disagree with for whatever reason. no, i don't have to answer any of your questions. most of my words for simple observations with some historical background. it was not presented as a critical piece of Pulitzer prize winning literature for you to critique for your own amusement. so, no there is no need for you and Google to get involved in trying to falsely debunk my words. now, you have made it personal. so my advice is to take a seat and be quiet, I and the rest of the adul
  5. I'm happy that Houston is finally paying attention in a positive way to my small home town of Brookshire (population now well over 5000 from about 1000 when I was much younger) and Waller County. For decades developers have consistently bypassed this not that small of a city in favor of areas north and south and even west of town. Many of us in the town have our own educated guesses as to the main reasons why, but that's a discussion which should be included in a much larger American problem that has come to light in the past few years. Brookshire has so much to offer in terms of peopl
  6. My apologies, on the "Shell Tower" comment above on October 2nd. I was mistakenly talking about that hideous OLD outdated in both classical and post modern terms, Humble Oil 45 story tower that has been slated for a facade makeover with glass exterior panels for several years by Shorenstein, I believe. And I was NOT talking about the beautiful white stone covered 55 story One Shell Plaza tower with the gigantic antenna, which I and everyone I've talked have always loved right in the middle of downtown as you approach from the west. BTW I think we have enough "homage" to post modernism in ou
  7. Yes, and thank you pablog ! Perspective has a lot to do with the feeling Houstonians and the popular media has about this area. Most of it has been very unfair and false over the decades. But, perhaps, we are finally breaking through all the negative propaganda (I won't mention which cities and areas in the country are the most guilty of that. We can all guess pretty accurately anyway.) There really is so much natural beauty - both "flat and contoured" that surrounds this mega multi-county area of the U.S. and Houston. The Bayous (which a few are actually really rivers - I vote to rename
  8. Look at that beautiful deep blue Texas sky over Houston. Incredible. I hope we can have many more beautiful skies like this for a while longer. It's one of the very few positive effects of the pandemic and mainly due to the various quarantines and shutdowns in the past year. In fact, I just read and article last week (NYT's or WaPo ?) that around the world, emissions are currently at 1990 levels in the large cities of the world, which is amazing. I plan to be outside (distanced or away from any people) and enjoy it while it lasts. In the meantime, this project seems to be movi
  9. And, I was noticing that from the renderings of the tower that is actually from the one in Shanghai, if the proportions were correct? this tower would be anywhere from 65 to about 72 stories high, and very close to the height of the Chase Tower. Of course, it's probably NOT in proportion in the renderings, but wouldn't it be great for it to be a true supertall whenever they secure a wealthy tenant that wants something magnificent again downtown, in true "bigger in Texas" fashion? And, Houston is the place to build it. Yes, dreaming is fun in this troubled age we live in. A truly fun escape
  10. I understand what you are saying. However, what I didn't make clear, is that what I'm saying applies (from my perspective since the "damage" is already done worldwide, with yes, many successes, and also many failures) to FUTURE city planning world wide, especially given the fact that human population is continuing to rise exponentially, thus further reducing available, sustainable, livable land masses that future human populations might want to live on. Yes, "they" are making more land, naturally and man made, but it is minuscule in comparison to how our present society is depleting resource
  11. AMEN! I couldn't agree more. And, why is it that we humans always think that we are so much smarter than Mother Nature by relentlessly and arrogantly trying to "improve on nature's process" of dispersing flooding waters by cementing over and channeling waterways, when the natural soil we have and the natural vegetation in the yes, natural flood plains does a much better job in the long run? We always seem to fail miserably (everywhere in the World) when we build in say well established and well known flood zones. I'm hoping that mitigating and reversing this sort of
  12. Wow, very cool ! The tall tower looks like at least 50 stories. Anyone else get that number or close to that ? This will be such a neat and upscale addition to the area. Exciting !
  13. this is going to be quite a handsome building and very noticeable in the downtown skyline. they are building at break neck speed and it's starting to come together quickly now. i can't wait to see the finished exterior with cool lighting on top and hopefully on the sides as well !
  14. OMG this is so tragic and extremely sad. I'm so sorry for the loss to each of their families. Someone said it above and I agree "can 2020 END soon enough already..." My prayers are with the loved ones today as they learn of this and now must deal with the loss at this difficult time in the World, and now in their own lives. God Bless you all.
  15. nope yuk yuk yuk ! too mid-century un-modern for my taste. and this being HOUSTON after all, it would be great to have it visually more appealing IMHO, perhaps though, another color of glass like bronze or green or something that really pops with some sort of homage to the past look, perhaps at the lower ground level.
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