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  1. Wow, very cool ! The tall tower looks like at least 50 stories. Anyone else get that number or close to that ? This will be such a neat and upscale addition to the area. Exciting !
  2. this is going to be quite a handsome building and very noticeable in the downtown skyline. they are building at break neck speed and it's starting to come together quickly now. i can't wait to see the finished exterior with cool lighting on top and hopefully on the sides as well !
  3. OMG this is so tragic and extremely sad. I'm so sorry for the loss to each of their families. Someone said it above and I agree "can 2020 END soon enough already..." My prayers are with the loved ones today as they learn of this and now must deal with the loss at this difficult time in the World, and now in their own lives. God Bless you all.
  4. nope yuk yuk yuk ! too mid-century un-modern for my taste. and this being HOUSTON after all, it would be great to have it visually more appealing IMHO, perhaps though, another color of glass like bronze or green or something that really pops with some sort of homage to the past look, perhaps at the lower ground level.
  5. I know this Fairfield Residential project is probably going to look very nice in the middle of downtown. However, that horrible old huge eyesore of a hotel/Days Inn? is still there unimproved, AND the old Exxon tower STILL hasn't been re-clad as has been Shorenstein? Properties' plan for years. Yeah, I want it all done and now, right LOL! But, it sure does seem like these two (almost) abandoned remodels are taking much much longer than expected to begin renovations, with no start date in sight.
  6. Thank you tangledwoods very much for helping me to understand these factors about the foundations of tall structures in our own unique Houston coastal soil and ground structure ! I had also wondered all these years if we had any bedrock within striking range so to speak of the sand and gumbo clay of east and se Houston all the way to the coast. It seems as though we do, but it's just too far down below the surface to be economically feasible to use it. Which leads me to my next comment and curiosity (or my ongoing "someday dream") for downtown. And, that is the hope of another bu
  7. It just fascinates me how a very tall 42 story building can exist on such a narrow footprint and remain stable. I often wonder how deep down (hopefully into bedrock) they have to drill for the support structure to carry the weight and keep it from toppling over, and if they have to have a counter balance structure at the top to mitigate high winds and swaying ? I know this is done in many places now, especially NYC where they just finished a 98 story tower on a similar footprint. Incredible engineering and technology no doubt.
  8. Oh well, something's better than nothing once again thanks for clarifying.
  9. So is Live Nation moving their worldwide headquarters to Houston then ? If so, that would be incredibly awesome for us ! They seem to deal with booking and handling the really big names in entertainment around the world.
  10. and, these are not the two DROIDS you are looking for either LOL!
  11. Yeah, this is what I was repeatedly trying to gently allude to btw in my comments AFTER the others got their bloomers bundled. Preaching to the choir here.
  12. Seems to me that there once again, are way too many purists who just can't resist their lower impulses and must criticize a valiant attempt to recreate the past while adding in modern comforts and sensitivities. And, because the architect or developer or whomever was 100% successful at satisfying both arguments, but only part of each, then they are now the enemy of design. Well, as I said to a friend of mine that went to Rice and also loves the new buildings AND their designs with homage to the past. It's gorgeous and it takes a pretty small minded individual not to admit that in
  13. OMG and hence the "problem" with Millennials ! You just confirmed it all. TOO Sensitive to silly petty things that really don't matter in the moment, and of course you all that were labeled that way when you were that age were way more privileged behaving than the generation before, but not AS PRIVILEGED acting as this latest generation. So, now that you all have your little panties in twist, it's time to pull them up, get over it and deal with it IN ANOTHER FORUM, indeed on ANOTHER SITE. It's so obvious that you and whomever is so butt hurt over a mistake in what you want so bad to be "la
  14. Yay, two favorites together - an awesome ice cream place and Houston - a win-win for all of us.
  15. well played, well done ! and I agree with you as well. I WOULD TOTALLY go to another city (even at my older age) in order JUST to sit and stare at an iconic and impressive skyline and I believe many people would do the same.
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