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  1. If you remember Rumpleheimers do you remember 2K's?

  2. I used to live across from the Bennetts on Locke Lane near Kirby and my sister Lynne worked at both Bill Bennetts grill and the Steakhouse in the Sky. You might not know but Bill Bennett was president of The Texas Restaurant Association for many years and was an owner of the St Josephs Profesional Building. I was friends with 2 of their kids Mark and Bob. I have eaten at both places many times but their catered parties were a block sized event that would go on through the wee hours in the morning and in the summer he would also be ready for those that could make it, with some breakfast. Bill was an amazing pool player. He also had an uncanny ability to remember names.He would meet you once and then years later come up and call you by name. That was my Dad's recolection. I was in 2nd and 3rd grade but Mr. Bennett made a lasting impression even on me. I believe he also had an interest in the Texas Oil Men's club (not sure of spelling or fact) and I know he was always talking about other Bill Bennett Grills. Who knows he might well have been thinking about a first steakhouse franchise. Didn't have many franchises back then but he was a forward thinker. You were a great memory Bill !
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