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  1. @CrockpotandGravelWe are discussing now. Others you input welcome
  2. Shout out to @Subdude the quickest moderator on HAIF. Want to help him? Now seeking general moderators. Contact Us
  3. @bobruss @BigFootsSocks and others.. thanks for keeping us honest. On the adware problems, we are lucky, for every reported issue thousands were automatically blocked. It sucks we have to pay for the privileges of keeping the spam to a minimum but its worth, in the end, I'm amazed how bad it has gotten. I will be opening up the dialog and getting feedback more often, especially as it pertains to changes and future direction of the site.
  4. Hi @CrockpotandGravel I know your back in business. Great news! We have been exchanging several private messages but wanted to also follow up here. You reported back that things seem to be working now and that you were able to go from forum to forum without being signed out. That is certainly great news, you should expect to have that type of seamless experience. Hopefully always. Note that Invison Power Services did offer one piece of useful advice on the support ticket: -- "check to see if any of the people experiencing the problem are logged in on more than one device? The reason that I ask this is that this is currently a known issue, which has been resolved in our upcoming 4.2 release of the software. When you log in on another device, it will log you out of the first." With some devices, there can be a caching problem where it thinks you are logged in multiple times for example if your browser session did not clear correctly. The version he referenced, 4.2 is not released yet but it has some great features so will be in our upgrade plan as soon as it is available and stabilized. Have a great one, thanks for your help in keeping the community moving along.
  5. It was mid last year. An ultimate goal is to give more power to the users on future changes. That has taken longer because it is difficult to understand the backend software, the actual contributors, and the moderators. There have been no major changes, no hidden agendas. Only wish we had more time but the money is tight the ad revenue is very small and only keeps the site up and running. This is your community. If anyone knows people knowledgeable on Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. it could really help speed up some needed changes. Appreciate your loyalty and we are very open to changes and helping the community grow. It will be slow because it is voluntary and there are few people helping out. I'd love to spend every day making the site great but I also have to make a paid living. For helpful suggestions use the : Contact Us
  6. Can you please send me some examples of the redirects so that we can track them down? Appreciate it. A screenshot is perfect and if you can capture the IP address, exact URL and date/timestamp it will be very helpful. Just send to the Contact Us at the bottom of any page.
  7. Thanks for keeping us up to date. We do have tickets open with the vendor, they keep asking for more examples which are hard to come by. At this point 3 users are being affected however, the symptoms are a bit different for each user.
  8. hey @CrockpotandGravel sent you and IM and email to the address you signed up with we don't know what is going on but want it fixed also because we appreciate your input and content to the forum. you can get to site administration quickest by utilizing the Contact Us at the bottom of any page. @editorthe prior site admin still helps us out but not on as often, the new admin @HAIF (PKA @HAIF haif.cares) is available but the http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/contact/ page gets requests to multiple people quickest. Some of us are old and slow but we do care.
  9. @Blue Dogs"Lifelong fan of KTRK Ch. 13 old newscast videos from 1973-1986"


    A Challenge: Share some more video content with the group.  If you need any forum changes, sections, high level topics, etc. email us ok the Contact Us also found at the bottom of most pages.  


    Appreciate you.  



    1. Blue Dogs

      Blue Dogs

      I'll post some new videos in a few minutes.

  10. Thank goodness the site isn't unstable on mobile. I could not recreate that one. I have noted distaste those two users. They are both sanctioned but very limited in scope. Good news, the number of articles from the Katy News site is too high, with too many unrelated. Expect it to be removed until they get their RSS feed in check and that probably won't happen because I already asked several times. That's most of the ones I've heard complaints on so I think it will help in your situation. We were looking for growth for that area in our user base and it did help with the news posts, we got a lot of new users from the area, however, the original RSS feed was much more limited and they keep pushing more and more.
  11. Sorry I missed this one. Nothing is wrong, no major changes. Anyone else having issues?
  12. looks like the man with all the answers was on vacation. thanks again for your help. Hi Zachary, Thank you for your follow-up with Sovrn! I apologize for the delay in responding to your emails, the team member you had been reaching out to has been out of office for the holidays. We did locate and remove a number of the campaigns that were causing the pop-up ads to occur. Additionally, beginning on Monday, January 9th, we will be rolling out a partnership with ClarityAd which will work to automatically block bad ads in real time across Sovrn's network of publishers. This service does not need to be opted into. One recommendation is to pull the Sovrn tags from the site and reimplement them on Monday the 9th when our partnership with ClarityAd has been rolled out. Again, I apologize for the inconveniences caused and for the delay in getting back to you. Thanks, Alex
  13. please let me know what is going on, you created many users from this same ip address.. 

  14. Thanks ALL for helping keep the site error free. Here is all the info to gather in case you see a similar situation. This will really help in a quick resolution. • A screenshot of bad ad/redirect • The exact URL you were visiting when you received the redirect (copy from browser the whole URL) • The IP address of your phone or computer (visit whatsmyIP.org at the time of the redirect) NO LETTERS • The date and time (include time zone) of when the redirect occurred • Device type • Browser (safari, firefox, etc) • Geo of complaints (North America, India, etc) Send all info to: the contact us at the bottom of any page. Contact Us
  15. thanks, here was the response: (I've challenged the response, including your additional info above, and am going to open a ticket with Google AdSense also but that surprises me...) Hi Zachary, Thanks for the email, and please accept my apologies for the slow response. Our offices have been closed for a few days around the holidays. We haven't gotten reports on our internal scans for these types of mobile redirects, but have seen a couple instances stemming from AdSense this week. Just to be safe I've added the redirect URL to your account's blocklist. Should any creative have that as an associated landing page it will be blocked by our system.
  16. open to post a new thread or just open up any to read?
  17. Thanks. I appreciate it. I thought that one was gone. It is the same one. I've seen it also. I am sending it over to our ad vendor now.
  18. I bet he will get you the info! I think he passed it to me recently i'll take a look. We may want to move it out of the database into the forum in reality..
  19. Congratulations on your recent selection as Moderator of the HAIF Forum.  


    We appreciate your years of dedication to the group and appreciate you taking the lead on keeping us orginized and on the right topics at the right time, and place.  

  20. the "How Do You Like Your Coffee?" topic and associated user is gone. Thank you for the details. @OkieEric
  21. can you start reporting the users so we can find them faster please also know we are low on moderators and looking for both community moderators and neighborhood moderators. if you would like to apply simply let us know on the Contact Us at the bottom of each page.
  22. It is not a job so there are no specific requirements, in general your access level goes up and you can make content decisions yourself. The Forum is provided for the community so we want the community to drive decisions.
  23. Hey team we do have some activity changes, and have been reaching out to increase participation, but it needs to be appropriate and we want your feedback. We do need your help. Please report the post if you feel it is in error or off topic. (including the current ones,, you mention above) We are also low on and looking for both neighborhood and community wide moderators. If interested just let me know and i will put you on the list for consideration. if anyone has experience with the IPS Community Suite 4.x please also let us know - publicly or email link to contact us form found at the bottom of each page. Contact Us
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