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  1. I wish I had Revit. I dont know what I would do with it but it'd be nice for something, Im sure. That is just a snipit from a pdf that I got from an acquaintance of an acquaintance's cousin's sister's friend.
  2. I will take a wild guess, based off of no personal knowledge of the job at all and no access to any files whatsoever, that the floor breakdown is the following: Garage 1 (21 cars) - Hotel 1 Garage 2 ( 29 cars) - Hotel 1M Garage 3 (34 cars) - Hotel 2 Garage 4 (35 cars) - Hotel 2 Garage 5 (37 cars) - Hotel 2M Garage 6 (37 cars) - Hotel 3 Garage 7 (36 cars) - Hotel 3M Garage 8 (37 cars) - Hotel 4 Hotel 5 Hotel 6 Hotel 7 Hotel 8 Hotel 9 Hotel 10 Hotel 11 Hotel 12 Hotel 13 Hotel Roof It's an 8 story parking structure (counting the roof) built into a 13 story hotel (not counting the roof). Level 1 is the lobby, lounge and retail. Level 1M is accessible by stair & service elevator for retail, security, electrical and mechanical rooms. Level 2 has the main kitchen with a dining hall and private dining. Level 2M is for employees only and is offices, storage, housekeeping and maintenence. Level 3 has a couple of ballrooms, some meeting rooms, and a business center. Level 3M is for the VIP employees with more offices, reception and chairman's office. Level 4 has about 20 guest rooms. Levels 5 thru 11 have about 30 guest rooms per floor. Lucky level 13 has the pool along with the fitness center, about 15 guest rooms and 5 massage rooms. The protected portions of the roof is home to some boilers, the emergency generator and some elevator equipment.
  3. I'm just looking at some PDF images that I found on Myspace and I will break it down per those...
  4. It depends on how you consider it. Level 35 is the last floor for any public purpose. Level 36 is a roof. Level 37 is for elevator equipment. Level 38 is the high roof canopy over the elevator equipment room.
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