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  1. The River Oaks High-Rise Renovations

    I think top-notch valet and terraces overlooking the city for private parties with Houston's elite take precedence.
  2. Petition to Change the Downtown Forum's Description

    "Now too expensive to live in." "Overpriced or Overrated?" "Suburbanite's playground. Urbanite's home." "We just want to be like Chicago."
  3. Downtown Apartment Market

    I recently was in downtown LA and it reminded me a lot of Houston. While their resident population is significantly higher (27K i googled) than Houston's (I googled a little over 10K according to Wikipedia), they have a downtown population of 4,770/sq. mile vs. downtown Houston which has a population of 5,500/sq. mile (all on Wikipedia). Granted their downtown area is about 5 sq. miles and our is 2 sq. miles, and if we really wanted to compare apples to apples we'd have to include Midtown (but that doesn't fit my argument ha). However, i digress and will stick to actual conceptions of "downtown". I stayed at LA Live and they had a Whole Foods and a Ralph's to serve their downtown population within a very short walking distance. Their Whole Foods was pretty standard (what I'd expect the new Midtown one to be like... similar in size to the Montrose WF). But the Ralphs was very focused on hot bars, prepared meals, and such... most likely for the 9-5 downtown workers. However it was a great resource to shop of normal groceries (bread, eggs, pasta, butter, produce...etc) for the downtown dweller... limited but still had plenty. As a downtown dweller, nobody is asking for a suburban style HEB or Kroger with a massive space catering to every need. I tried shopping at Phoenicia but it was too speciality and the prices for everyday items were outrageous. We can surely have the next apartment developer pull a deal with a major grocer to build something on their main floor (potentially with space for additional retail). Outside of that, we desperately need a CityTarget. The Target at Sawyer Heights is just too busy and runs out of everything fast. Target would be smart to build a CityTarget downtown so us residents can buy what we need. If not, I guess Amazon Prime Now will continue to get my money for everyday items.
  4. White Oak Music Hall on N Main

    Does anyone have predictions on this area? I recently visited this area and I thought the Fulton North area would be amazing for retail and living. The rail line was appealing. Perfect area for retail on lower and 4 or 5 stories of living. I meant the area is definitely raw but i feel like it could be very hip soon. And thoughts?
  5. Pretty sure this will not be finished anytime soon. I live down the street and it’s a ghost town. Alta West Gray will be finished before this will be.
  6. Gables Westcreek High-Rise - 15 floors

    I am looking forward to this side of Westcreek developing higher. Eventually, with River Oaks District's new phase all that will be left is to redevelop that massive Target plot... hopefully a Target with a parking garage and additional retail spaces fronting San Felipe.
  7. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    Houston rents are getting out of control. Land downtown is not that valuable. I can find the same rent prices for apartments in downtown Los Angeles and they at least have multiple grocery stores and a Target to walk to.
  8. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    Looks great. I live right next door and have seen them soil testing for the past few weeks.
  9. Alexan CityCentre

    Glad to see this building is almost ready. For the longest time it seemed the windows were getting shot out on the beltway and 10 side.
  10. I like the building design for my own aesthetics. I honestly love what they are trying to accomplish and hope it can help to create a more vertical area. My only concern is who will want to spend that kind of money to overlook a Kroger parking lot? Not that appealing.
  11. I agree with Subdude. This shopping center lost its architectural integrity when B&N was built. I do want to keep the art deco look, but it is a strip mall that has already been altered multiple times. Why don't we focus on the benefits to the area versus the integrity of a strip mall's architecture that has already been destroyed? My question is why didn't they just build on the parking lot facing Kroger? It has enough room to house a parking garage for Kroger with opportunity to bring the Kroger to the streetside.
  12. As someone who is a transplant from Chicago, this development is the epitome of urbanism. The residents of this building will be able to walk to everything and anything that is considered a daily necessity. That is hard to find in more areas of Inner Loop Houston. I'd rather a high-rise go here than in an empty lot next to townhomes. While I understand the preservationists who want to keep the historic nature of this strip mall (and yes I am surprised to say a historic strip mall), moving this shopping center forward with higher density will only improve its value. I am by no means saying let's demo the River Oaks Theatre, but let's continue the high-rise developments that are building out across highly-trafficked areas such as this center in order to continue Houston's ascent to urban-mecca instead of surburban wasteland.
  13. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    Very excited that something like this is being built along Allen Parkway! I work nearby at the AIG Complex, am moving into the new apartment development next door off Dallas (Broadstone Tinsley Park) and frequent Buffalo Bayou Park. Great to add more walkable area and businesses to the area. I am wondering if there will be any type of grocer in this development. I feel like besides Whole Foods, there isn't really any where to shop without venturing into the Heights or Montrose. Also, what are the chances Allen Parkway Village gets demolished to make room for future skyline development? I believe this area is considered historical but this is prime real estate and I could imagine blocks of new development leading into downtown on this very plot. Slow by surely the Fourth Ward is becoming developed.
  14. The Wilshire By Pelican Builders (Westcreek)

    I wish they would just tear down the existing Target and rebuild a more "urban" one fitting of the location. That gigantic surface parking lot just ruins the dense development surrounding it.