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  1. Thanks Mr. Football. I discovered what was being built today as well.
  2. This is a very old post but since this site is now under development and a significant amount of dirt is being moved, I'm eager to determine the construction intent here. As a resident of Cole's, it's obvious we should all be anxious to discover what is planned for this site. I've narrowed down the legal owner to R E D Cypress Creek LTD and the legal description to Jarvis Levy Center. Keep in mind this is not a "levee" as one might hope, going for flood control, but "Levy", the real estate investors Danny and Ray by the same name who own the larger Unilev Captial Corp, a real estate investment firm from Beverly Hills which owns and / or operates millions of SF of property in major metro areas. This is one of hundreds of investments in their portfolio and R E D is also one of hundreds of partnerships or LLC's they have in their umbrella. I've located plans for the previous detention project which bid in late 2014 as I thought this work may be an extension of the same. This area was addressed as 16400 Jarvis (I'm confident this was Reserve A2 and A3 under the same account number in partnership with MUD#10.) while the current project has a Barker-Cypress address per signage around the property. The tract is noted in HCAD as account number 135.793.001.0001 and has several other "reserves" associated with this same parcel. As always, they've sectioned off the 1-acre corner site which will likely be developed at a later day. Needless to say, Whiting Turner, the general contractor actively running the project has no signage present displaying what is to come and it's not listed on their website as a current or awarded project. After looking at the engineers website which did the previous project, I tried to locate any other descriptive identities for this property and have done extensive searching to try to clarify this project. Does anyone have any exclusive news?
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