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  1. It appears to take that original plan, which included a White Oak Bayou bypass north of the county jail, and adds another bypass through where Clayton Homes is. The original plan is a proposal from Harris County Flood Control. This augmented proposal adds TXDOT right-of-way for the additional bypass.
  2. Oh. My. God. Is the way you type how your brain actually processes the English language? There's not a single rational point made in the entire collection of posts. The closest thing to a coherent opinion that doesn't flip flop every other line is "big ass highways aren't ugly, mmkay... Let's just clarify a few things: The project is moving forward. Nothing shy of a collapse of the Texas economy will stop that. It will be beneficial for the City - yes some areas stand to benefit more than others - that's been true since the dawn of time.
  3. The vertical clearances and railroad are all very valid points, but I think the reason that it has not been added to the plan is more actuarial than engineering As it is today, Canal Street is barricaded at the railroad tracts paralleling US 59, and has been for some time, so the TXDOT engineers must look at that and presume that the road can safely be truncated without irritating anyone. If we were living in the neighborhood a couple of years ago that well may have been the case, but the reality is that the area just east of Downtown is starting to experience a dramatic amo
  4. As a new EaDo homeowner I think they're missing the obvious by ending the park at Commerce Street instead of Canal Street. Commerce is barely 2 lanes for most of its length and terminates at Milby Street only 1 mile south the highway, while Canal Street is a major collector for the entire East End, running some 5 miles. If a bridge were to connect Canal Street and Ruiz Street in downtown, that would connect the East End with every major on/off ramp to all of the highways, instead of forcing folks to drive to Jensen/Navigation, then turn left and bootleg it across to Congress Street, then turn
  5. Sorry, was trying to post a link to this photo from the Houston Instagram...but the code didn't copy.... https://www.instagram.com/houston_insta/
  6. One of the buildings at KBR that faces downtown. Really visible from afar.
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