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  1. The Yakult probiotic drink commercial kinda' creeps me out. Almost seems like she's having an affair with a disembodied intenestine. Mega-creepy.

    1. sevfiv


      I'm pretty sure she was having a fantasy affiar with the disembodied intestine in the one I saw...lol. After all, "Love your insides" !

  2. Geez...on a new laptop, yet another died on me. :( this is getting pricey!

  3. Heard someone quoting South park by someone saying, "You go to hell! You go to hell and die!" at a park. Almost died laughing.

  4. Watching my favorite movies, "I remember mama." highly recommend it.

    1. Subdude


      Spoiler alert! They don't have to go to the big bank.

  5. Next time I go to an Astros game, I'm wearing a paperbag. I'm ugly enough as it is, the bag will cut down on deaths from the depressed look.

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