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  1. I'm curious about the adjacent parking lot. They recently improved it by cleaning it up, removing the flagpole, and actually adding more spaces there.
  2. wasn't this the building that the original coney island restaurant was in?
  3. You just have to remember. As distasteful as you may find some structures, they do serve a bit of a role in how Houston, a major transportation hub of commerce, operates. What would make sense is to build a smaller viaduct to allow for pedestrian or bicycle traffic. It would be the cost and usage that would be the downfall of whether or not this project would be viable.
  4. I'm curious how the rail is performing during large events like the games at MMP, BBVA, and the UH stadium? Anyone taken the train instead of driving to yesterday's game?
  5. Okay, actually had the time to make sure the vid was processed. NOW it should be done.......again, if the mods can delete the previous two screw ups, I'd appreciate it. Really, it works this time.
  6. Sorry about that, didn't realize my error until it was too late. It's currently processing, so it should be available in the next hour or so. If the mods can delete my previous post, I'd appreciate it. http://youtu.be/TpUxCXUD5Ls
  7. I got the other line almost finished, but will probably publish it next week. http://youtu.be/TOyMOMsSB0o
  8. a little Google fu is a wonderful thing. http://www.houstontx.gov/ara/regaffairs/transportation
  9. I agree, but having it run on standard rail, even on its own right of way will be totally pointless once it has to join the regular track near downtown.
  10. DNA, and I suppose you're against paying school taxes if you don't have kids or they are already out of school. anyway, this thing needs to be meglev with its own path into downtown.
  11. according to the article, I think that they are planning on building on top of another structure.
  12. Let's not forget what kind of problems Atlantic City is currently having. 4 of their 12 casinos are shut down.
  13. I haven't found anything mentioning this, and I'm unsure if this is related to whatever activity is on the webster side. I was talking to a couple of employees at that station and it seems like the owner purchased the entire plot the station was on and they are due to shut down in December. anyone know what's going on with this block?
  14. my problem is that if starts relying on regular track ROW for getting to downtown, it isn't going to happen. The rails are simply too crowned.
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