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  1. I recently visited HafenCity in Hamburg. I thought it was pretty amazing and would be happy if this project used similar concepts and design styles.
  2. Looks like one of the tenants will be from the food truck Spicy Dog. Concept to be called Spicy Bear but I haven't seen anything other than their post on instagram. Spicy-Bear.tiff
  3. Look's like Bernie's is finally opening. Set to open July 31st.
  4. It appears that Bernie's is having trouble with their license and won't open until the end of July or early August. Here is a post from their Facebook page.
  5. Demolition has started at 2723 Yale St. http://swamplot.com/daily-demolition-report-merrill-y-we-roll-along/2017-03-01/
  6. Some updates on Bernie's Burger Bus Heights location. New projected opening is April 2017.
  7. They have a glass door and the bus is inside but there is still work for the rest of the build. Sorry for the picture.
  8. It does appear that TCH will be complete first. Could be waiting to put the bus in but it also appears that the floor isn't complete. Wondering if the final design/layout is still pending.
  9. They have completed most of the exterior work with the exception of installing the windows at the Bernie's Burger Bus side. I only took pictures from the back of the building. Also, wanted to note that they have a bike rack!
  10. The sign on Yale St. only mentioned 2nd floor space being available. I do not know if the 1st floor is already leased, or being leased by a different agent?
  11. The sign for the property on the corner of Yale & 12th st. (1144 Yale St) is up and here is the page for the real estate listing. http://www.encorerealtor.com/commercial/
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