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  1. That's the wrong tower. The rendering you posted is for the tower Caydon (the Australian company) is building. We have already received renders of their 27-story tower.
  2. This perspective is kind of unappealing. There are too many holes and a lack of general density. It does show off a lot of our signature towers, which is alright. I've seen it used occasionally and it puzzles me.
  3. I remember seeing cranes on this thing back in December of 2015. They've finally returned!
  4. Man, I wish all those pre-wars weren't mowed down... What a bummer that empty lots sit there now. Older downtowns function like real cities, not seas of boring disconnected, cold office towers. Anyways, a great shot and a great look into the past! Perhaps this is straying from the topic of the discussion, but does anybody have an estimate of how many were destroyed?
  5. Other than the gunk on the building, it's turning out pretty great. It's a period piece.
  6. https://www.emporis.com/buildings/308492/blvd-place-residential-tower-houston-tx-usa Emporis estimates some tower here at 492 ft. I honestly have no idea what tower this height belongs to, I haven't really been following this whole project.
  7. https://www.emporis.com/buildings/1212074/the-tower-at-hermann-place-houston-tx-usa Emporis estimates the tower at 558 ft. That's honestly a lot taller than my estimates, but I guess that's a good thing. We just don't know whether or not the exact same twisty-tower will be built, so that height might not be too accurate.
  8. https://www.emporis.com/buildings/342965/regent-square-phase-ii-tower-houston-tx-usa Emporis estimates the tower at 545 ft. That's a great height! Just waiting for the construction to start...
  9. https://www.emporis.com/buildings/1225442/perennial-office-tower-ii-houston-tx-usa Emporis estimates the office tower at 492 ft/150m. That kind of gets me sad, because the hotel tower was supposed to be taller, meaning that it would've been a 500 footer. Oh well, we should still be happy with a 150m office tower.
  10. https://www.emporis.com/buildings/1263020/museo-plaza-residential-tower-houston-tx-us Emporis estimates this tower at 718 ft. Sorry if this has been posted before.
  11. Rice was definitely looking for a firm that could replicate the style of its older buildings. Allan Greenberg was the way to go. He is one of the leading figures in New Classical architecture, and his firm's previous works truly are beautiful. http://www.allangreenberg.com/projects/dupont-hall/ Don't get me wrong, I don't want beef with anybody, but you could've at least looked this guy up before deriding him as a "McMansion architect'. How disgusting.
  12. True. My bad, I was just trying to lump all the pre-war architectural styles into one umbrella term. Craftsmanship, detailing and ornamentation were truly amazing before the war. Almost every single building was built like a masterpiece back then. Even art-deco's simple lines and curves are something that I would love more of. I doubt that the styles will ever make a return, though.
  13. It's been long enough... I want a neoclassical revival. That'd be great. ASAP.
  14. Is it just me, or did this thing turn out better than the renderings?
  15. This is a pretty interesting structure. Looks like a building out of SHoP Architects.
  16. Well, if all of the pricier units are already gone, we can assume that the cheaper units will sell like hotcakes-- even quicker than the others. edit: (oops i forgot that we were talking about block 98) I'm assuming that he is hoping for Marlowe to sell out quickly, so Block 98 can rise soon.
  17. If Houston were Austin, we'd kick a 150ft architectural spire on this thing and call it a day. Looking at you, Fairmont Austin
  18. Actually kinda liked this building, I don't know why, but there was something appealing about the super-reflective glass and that faux-marble looking material. I can't say I won't miss it. As a younger Houstonian, this will go down as one of the first buildings that I will ever truly remember about after it's gone. You will be missed, old Chronicle Building, you will be missed.
  19. Rest in peace, tower crane. It seems as if the CONQUEROR WORM has finally struck our hero.
  20. Does that phenonemon really happen? Do large developments really spur smaller ones?
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