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  1. Does anyone know the height of that new building on the left? Just curious.
  2. The many times that I have visited Houston, the only Japanese restaurant I've eaten at is Benihana on Westheimer close to uptown. Are there any other Japanese restaurants that you recommend I try? Are there any traditional Japanese restaurants with tatami mats and the whole deal?
  3. If money were no object here are the vehicles I would get: 1. Abrams Tank 2. The presidential limo 3. Ferrari Enzo 4. Every car driven by James Bond. 5. The Wienermobile
  4. I know how to stop irritation. Use Preparation H
  5. Thanks alot for the feedback guys! Yeah, I'm looking for something casual, not very pricey. I don't mind where it is near UH, midtown, downtown, or uptown. Maybe something with a Mexican or tropical feel to it, but these places that you've mentioned sounds very good.
  6. 1408 by Steven King is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Awesome!!!! One of those movies that leave keeps you thinking after it is over, and once you think the movie is over it throws you back into your seat. Highly Recommended Movie!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I am coming to UofH this fall for school. I just wanted to know what is the best "chill out spot" in town. You know, a restaurant with a patio for example, that is a great place to take some friends and visitors from out of town to have some appetizers, margaritas and that play good music.
  8. Does any know what the height of the new Memorial Hermann building in TMC is. I keep seeing pictures of that building and I am intrigued. This is one sophisticated looking building, and it looks kinda tall. Is it know the tallest building in TMC?
  9. When ever I visit Houston, I'm always stunned at the beauty of Williams Tower. Indeed, an impressive landmark that makes residents and visitors feel welcomed.
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