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  1. I'd personally never go to an upscale bar, which is what Sawyer Park is -- particularly at night -- with the expectation of getting in with basketball shorts on. Come on -- they have to maintain a good atmosphere to keep their desired image in tact. 2 minutes of internet research or even a glance at the clientele prior to entering would have clued you in to the dress code. It sounds like you were embarrassed at the door, but honestly it shouldn't have come as a surprise. Not every bar desires an extremely relaxed dress code, and the ones that don't aren't being unreasonable.
  2. Where are those Jeep pics taken? Is that North of Washington or South? We've got similar ditches out in front of our houses a few blocks south of Washington, near Ei8ht. I've been expecting a situation like this to occur for a while now... Just a matter of time.
  3. Do people still go to Drake? I drove by at 10:15pm on Saturday (granted, that's fairly early for them to have a crowd), and it was DEAD. Just wondering if Eight, Blue Lable, Knox, etc have stolen their customers.
  4. Hopefully it IS all parking, so these establishments don't ruin the surrounding neighborhoods.
  5. There is no question that Pearl Bar is the problem. That said, the city should not have issued permits without demanding a better parking solution. Hopefully that error is corrected with the trio of bars set to open near Washington & Roy.
  6. The two bars on the N side of Washington in b/w Roy and Reinerman are making good progress. It looks like they are pouring cement in the 'front yard' of the larger bar soon and that physically, it is nearing completion. As someone who lives 3 blocks south of these 3 bars (including the purple one referenced above), I am very concerned about parking. Anyone know what is planned on this front? The Pearl Bar parking-disaster situation should obviously not be the model here. The purple bar and across Roy from the larger bar appear to have dedicated lots, although woefully too small for what w
  7. It appears as though notices have been posted on buildings and land is being cleared (and buildings cleaned out) on the South side of Washington in between Lester and Detering (just East of the CVS) as well as the same side of the street one block closer to downtown (in b/w Lester and Reinerman -- the purple building). These are both pretty good sized lots, especially the United Hardware lot in b/w Lester and Detering. Anyone know what is going in there? Please tell me it's not the titter that was referenced earlier in this thread.
  8. Who are these people claiming that Pearl Bar has been taken over by the yuppie hipster crowd, against the owner's wishes? For goodness sake, there is a valet stand outside the place and a DJ playing fast-paced remixes of hip hop songs inside. The place is purposefully catering to this crowd, not operating in spite of it.
  9. At the risk of breaking hearts I have the following to share. I worked in the corporate office of Mr Gatti's Pizza for a period of time. The restaurant makes virtually all of its operating cash flow from its gaming section. There are huge free cash flow margins associated with a skee ball game that pays itself off in 3 months and lasts for 15 years. Anyways, the most interesting factoid I learned related to the "crane-grab" game. You've seen the game I'm talking about, where there is a glass box full of prizes and you operate a small crane to try to grab one of the prizes, pull it up and
  10. A close friend of mine is a second-year law school student at the University of Houston and will soon become a part of the JD/MBA program there. She has an interest in real estate development and would like to get her feet wet this summer and begin learning about the industry with an internship in the field. I would think that she would be a value-add to any developer since she brings a legal background (2/3rds of the way to becoming a lawyer), strong research skills, access to UH's legal research tools, and an understanding of the city that comes from having grown up here. Any names or co
  11. I drove by there tonight and there is a TON of work to be done before they start entertaining guests... I could see through the opened door off of Center and it is AWESOME inside. The outside is still very much a construction zone. What are they doing with the front part of the building? There appear to be several entrances to the place, leading me to think that it is suitable for several different bars. Or is the plan to have this be one massive lounge? There is not a doubt in my mind that this will be successful. Those guys have the winning formula.
  12. Midtown has a few fatal flaws that killed it's "plan" of a pedestrian friendly mixed-use area and turned it into what I call "Downtown's drive-thru". Biggest flaw: It sits right in between the CBD and the 59 spur, making it ripe for the 'getting off of work' driving crowd that commutes out to SW/W Houston. This sprung the Spec's warehouse, the pharmacy's, the banks, etc. It also leads to wide streets with high speeds of traffic, an absolute killer for pedestrians. Other flaws: 1) Homeless problem/Bum traffic - coming from the Greyhound station and the 'Freedman's Town' area of town, nea
  13. It's either a crawler backhoe or hydraulic excavator.
  14. Tonight I drove by the new bar/lounge/club being put together by the ownership group of Red Door. This is directly across Washington from The Corkscrew. They are remodeling what was once a very nice historic commercial building. A few takeaways: 1) The building is huge, not sure if they will sub-divide it into several places or keep it as one massive bar 2) The views of downtown from the upstairs deck will be second to none in the city 3) In terms of progress, they are currently working on the roof deck, and the windows now have been boarded up in preparation of replacement. Didn't look in
  15. I would like to buy some large photos and/or prints that I would like to frame that capture images from historic Houston. Specifically, I'm looking for downtown shots of Houston near the beginning of its history, the Astrodome during construction, old photos of Rice University, and possibly some photos of oil derricks from the turn of the century. Does anyone know of a place that might have something like this? The thought would be to frame them and put them up on my walls at home.
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