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  1. So, I started a travel blog about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I'm covering tips, destinations, experiences, etc. You can see it at travelfix.blogspot.com Anyway, so far I've posted on all kinds of topics including Venice, Buenos Aires, Mexico, planning and a few other things. I was thinking of including a post on the Top 3 (or maybe Top 5) Mod sights in Houston. What would y'all say are the top 3 or so worth visiting. This can be something open to the public like the MFAH by Mies Van Der Rohe (yes... that must be on there, in my opinion) to something like Howard Barnstone's Gordon house... more of a "drive by" sight. Any thoughts?
  2. I've just launched a travel blog to share my thoughts, observations, suggestions, etc. from my travels. You can see it here: Travel Fix. I don't know how often I'll update it but I'll try to make it at least 2x a week. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.
  3. I would go with the Derek... nice hotel, hip style, good bar, etc. We really enjoyed it when we stayed one random weekend.
  4. The fact that it is a Harwood Taylor house should stand on its own without her making it sound like this house won the Good Brick Award.
  5. Sold to an architect who is restoring it
  6. Mitchell sold the house directly to Yudofsky in 1990. During the years that he owned it, nothing was done to keep it up or restore it... essentially, the house was left to slowly fall apart. Yudofsky claimed that he had tried to do what he could to restore it but, from what neighbors said, he did nothing. The house was razed and subdivided for new construction. Houston Mod made a last ditch effort to save the house or at least document it. Yudofsky was unwilling to let anyone document the house so my guess is that he was concerned that people would indeed see that he did not keep up the house. The house was in bad shape when I saw it - rotting wood, mildew on the house, etc. It was just left to fall apart. Sad...
  7. That's a great house - I have some pictures, too, somewhere. It is very impressive and loooooong.
  8. This must be the old Michael's location... where Chipotle is located. That center has been sliding for years and it is a sizable property.
  9. I would go post a message on www.LottaLiving.com/bb or visit the Eichler Homes web page. They have a message board, too.
  10. There was... it must have magically disappeared.
  11. These developers could give two @$#% about the neighborhood - they're just after the money. Besides, "working class people" don't buy $900,000 houses.
  12. Let's just hope it goes to someone with the mind to restore it rather than raze it.
  13. Boy if that isn't the truth. We still have to remove our leaded glass blech door. We're going to replace it with a full light door with reed glass. It will be a lot more in line with an MCM house than what we have now.
  14. If you look at some of the kitchens in houses built by Joe Eichler in California, kitchens were often set up like that. I've seen others in the Bend that have original kitchens and great cabinets that are similar. I think they're a great MCM touch.
  15. Yeah - I think so. We don't know how open the buyer is to moving on the price and it looks like the house offers a great base to end up as a great restored MCM.
  16. dang ldogg... what are you doing here? Hook'em!
  17. They're going to raze it and the closest library will be on Eldridge (!) Makes no sense. Kendall Branch was designed by Earle Alexander of Pierce Goodwin Alexander and Linville
  18. This one backs up to Faust rather than Gretel so the McMansion would not be near it. I just posted a description on archibend.blogspot.com. Anyway, I think this house has been a rental for a long time. It may be worth having Robert Searcy dig a little deeper on their willingness to move on price. I'm pretty sure its a big jump in price since the last time it was listed.
  19. Pretty sure the house went for a lot less the last time it sold - I guess it all depends on how motivated the seller is. It doesn't help when you have someone on Gretel who is planning on tearing down a house to put up a $900,000 gargantuan beast. Ridiculous.
  20. I'm digging this one... http://search.har.com/engine/indexdetail.c...mp;backButton=Y Bathroom is blech but apparently the original had a fish tank
  21. Well, with a good throw, I could toss a baseball onto the beltway feeder from my front yard. The beltway is sunken by the Bend but I do know something about noise and feel that particular location would not be bad, at all.
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