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  1. That was a great house - hopefully they're replacing it with another one because something was structurally wrong with the first one.
  2. 705 Kuhlman is definitely a Floyd... see here... http://memorialbendarchitecture.com/floyd_hcart6.jpg
  3. The Traviata house was just behind my next-door-neighbor so, in a sense, I could see it from the backyard. It was a great house that had been abandoned for 3-4 years... a real shame. I should've salvaged what was left but I had no idea it was coming down until our house was shaking. First Floyd to get leveled.
  4. The prefab building is part of the Town & Country Village expansion. Also, the fence along the City Centre site has banners for restaurants that are coming... Ra Sushi, Z-Tejas and Brio Tuscan Grille are representin'
  5. OK... for all intents and purposes, the site is back up. Wheh! Now... sooo much deferred maintenance.
  6. 95% of the content has not been uploaded but the Memorial Bend Architecture page is actually up...
  7. You mean besides that large building that's starting to go up and all the activity throughout the site?
  8. First off, yes... I'll get the Memorial Bend web page back up. I've had a million competing priorities and sometimes certain things have to be placed on the back burner. Also, I can't find my Space City Mod archives... anywhere... nothing. So, I'm going to slowly but surely create a blog to catalog houses in Houston. I've only put 4 entries on the page but this will give you an idea of the plan... expect it to take a while (may as well manage expectations) http://spacecitymod.blogspot.com/
  9. Very cool... it would be cool to put together a map listing the remaining houses.
  10. Doesn't look like a Floyd to me...
  11. From a practical standpoint, keep this in mind Willowisp... LCW are beautiful chairs. Simply beautiful to look at. Sitting? Well... after a while, your back starts to hurt, the lower back specifically. So, just keep that in mind if you want to use them as everyday chairs. Don't get me wrong - I craved an LCW and am so glad we had one. My must-have was an Eames shell rocker. We eventually got one through Russel Prince - a burnt orangey Modernica with all that beautiful fiberglass.
  12. Sometimes you have to pick and choose. We have a mix... an Eames LCW, Eames low table, 3 Saarinen chairs 71, a Saarinen dining table, etc. but wave knock-offs of 4 Jacobsen Series 7 chairs, a Le Corbusier chaise lounge, etc. They all work together simply and we've bought them as our budget dictated. For example, we bought 4 Jacobsen Series 7 knock-offs for $280 or we could've bought 4 of the real thing for $1,600.00. There's no decision for us.
  13. I'd have to look at the front but I'm 90% certain that is the house he designed for himself - I believe it was his 2nd Houston house. He had one in Glencove/Crestwood and, after this house, one in Tanglewood.
  14. We love the reed glass - we now get even more light and privacy. We couldn't stand the leaded glass door... ugh!?
  15. Coat #2 is on our front door. We're going to have a lot of detail work, though, because of the reed glass and the "gunk" that they use to put the glass in the door. It will be a few weeks before its ready for prime time
  16. What was it like? With a "little modernist" on the way, we had to pass on the cost, as much as we wanted to attend.
  17. Lowbrow - we walked past your house last week and noticed the new trim - it looks much much better. Dig the new door and the new color - did I miss that driving by this morning? I'll look again... Our new door is in - now we just need to paint it. It is a full light door with reed glass. It's going to end up orange when its all said and done. If you see our stoop before we paint the door and the trim, you can see the old trim color of our house - bright teal... it was like that on the windows, the fascia, etc. with tan brick. Looked totally different.
  18. I'd say it's probably not a Floyd designed house. That would be my educated guess. Dana Bang, son of architect Lars Bang, lives nearby. He may know something about it but I'm not sure.
  19. The current owners seemed to have spent quite a bit fixing it up - if I remember correctly, they added a modern door, paint, new fixtures, etc. I haven't seen the interior, though. The pictures, from what I recall, show more clerestory windows on the side of the house.
  20. OK... sorry but I have to say something. We're truly talking about architecture, not zoned schools. Anyone can see that on the HAR listing.
  21. The house appeared in a commercial 2 years ago for St. Joseph's - a great MCM.
  22. Kind of like West Village in Dallas - I'm excited about the project and glad that they're building it.
  23. Driving by the other day, I noticed that construction is starting to take place at City Centre. Good news! I went to their web page and spotted this from the HBJ: CityCentre explodes with roster of high-end tenants Houston Business Journal: February 2007 Bits and pieces of news about the much-ballyhooed CityCentre development in west Houston have been trickling out for nearly two years. But this week, followers of the project hit an information gusher. Executives with Houston-based Midway Cos., which broke ground on the $500 million CityCentre venture last month, finally revealed details about the mixed-use project
  24. I'm thinking I should include McKie and Kamrath's temple on Sunset given the "blessing" by FLW himself. Love it or not, Welton Beckett's Humble Oil building is a great commercial building. Oh yeah... and the Bruce Goff house in Memorial
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