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  1. I think I know where this is... have always wondered who designed it.
  2. About privacy and what Floyd intended... it was exactly what he had in mind. See: http://memorialbendarchitecture.com/12923but_hcart.jpg "Children have a realm to themselves and adults enjoy complete privacy in a new home designed by architect William Norman Floyd for Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mullane at 12923 Butterfly in the Memorial Dr. area." "The house is so placed on the 70 by 120 wooded lot that it achieves complete isolation from the street side." Then there's this one on Hansel: http://memorialbendarchitecture.com/12923han_ambuild.jpg "House with privacy from the street" "More homes like this one gain privacy by being constructed with an interesting wall cutting off the street view. In the tradition of the French entry garden, this is, in part, a reaction against the front-facing picture windows of recent years"
  3. Well... 523 ain't lookin' pretty.
  4. Fortunately, most of the houses that have fallen in MB have not been mods. I still stuffer when any of them fall, though.
  5. There is another one that is even more interesting (not the Asian house) just a few doors down that has a very nice modern design. I love these houses.
  6. By the way, doing some digging this past weekend and it looks like Burdette Keeland designed the original Memorial Bend Club. It apparently burned down but there are working drawing and presentation materials in the UH archives.
  7. Hear hear... I agree. I welcome that style house and am glad to see that if a house is going to be torn down, it is replaced with something with more modern sensibilities. It will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood and I hope it sparks a trend that if houses are going to be torn down, they be replaced with modern designs.
  8. Can't say that I've seen them sell in the Bend. Of all the houses listed for sale in Memorial Bend, none of the McMansions are listed as anything but "active" which means they're just sitting there. Of the 3-4 houses that are option pending or sale pending, none are McMansions.
  9. Kind of off topic but a Floyd designed MCM is about to go up for sale on Isolde... rare 4 BR with a pool. rps... do you know about this one? Hope your clients might be interested... My guess is the price will be around $400K.
  10. Entry #4 - Bob Casey Federal Courthouse...
  11. This is a shot from the San Jose Hotel in Austin...
  12. Entry #2 - you know this one... you've seen it a thousand times but maybe not quite like this. This kind of signage is quickly disappearing but it still a not-so-subtle reminder of mid-century advertising...
  13. Here is my first entry. To me, what says mid-century more than the atomic automotive designs of the 50s and 60s. This is the detail of a car spotted on the side of the ride on Highway 71 between Houston and Austin.
  14. What is frustrating is zero attempt to incorporate modernist elements into new homes. Honestly, given what I see in new modern construction in certain parts of town, I would welcome a modern home with open arms... yes, I could deal with the demolition of a Bend house if it were replaced with something other than the usual McMansion. Is that to much to ask?
  15. Though it's technically not part of City Centre, we're going to check out Fleming's tonight...
  16. Well... let's see if I did this right. Here are some photos from as early as 1960. [attachme nt=1211:Exterior2_1960.JPG]
  17. Ugh... I have some rather unkind thoughts and words about what went down with this particular house but I'm not going to post them on a public board like this.
  18. I'll throw out a name not often mentioned here... Morris Lapidus - I've always been partial to the Fountainbleau Hotel, pre-additions and renovations.
  19. 423 - I'm assuming that's the Lars Bang designed house. When I saw it (before the previous owner), there had been some modifications - I remember some cool thing about the layout but I'm pretty sure this couple has done some hideous remuddling in the bathrooms. As for the landscaping - no one has a clue. They installed the gate about 5 years ago. If it can be removed and the outside cleaned up, it has a ton of great potential. It does have a big lot backing up to the nature sanctuary, too, which is a big bonus.
  20. And now the market is starting to weed out builders. Royce Homes went belly up, Kimball Homes is winding down operations...
  21. Exactly... and if you look at Memorial Bend, specifically, there are several McMansions that were built and are just sitting there, unsold. We're not talking a few weeks - I can think of one example new construction (that is also situated well and not on the feeder) that has been on the market for nearly a year. There are others that have been on the market for 6+ months
  22. There was someone working on that house a couple of days ago... looked like a couple of contractors.
  23. I was in touch with your friend yesterday to discuss the house. In looking at the pictures she sent me, I don't think it is a Floyd. It's a great house, to be sure, by probably not a Floyd design. It looks more like a Lars Bang house to me.
  24. Likely that Floyd, Taylor or Jenkins designed it since Floyd was one of the developers of Robindell.
  25. I drive by that house all the time and while I'm a big fan of MCM, I really really like the house, the lot, the way it is set on the lot, etc. Just beautiful. I better get a good picture before someone scrapes the lot and builds a terrible monstrosity.
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