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  1. Sounds a bit like Best Cellars in Uptown although I think they have something like 100 wines for under $15.00. I'll have to run by, though.
  2. Here you go... http://www.buyowner.com/property.asp?code=HOU4139
  3. Well, right now what is for sale in Memorial Bend tends to be mostly traditional - there are 2-3 mods for sale. One has a big lot and the owner (GRRR!!!) wants to sell it as a teardown - it is in fine shape, though. The one with the 20,000 ft lot and pool is listed on buyowner.com and the listing # is 4139. As for mid-century realtors, go to the Houston Mod board on this web page and send a message to rps324 - he'll hook you up.
  4. Duh... sorry about that. Take a look at Memorial Plaza... a few nice houses under $300K and your kids could walk to Rummel Creek Elementary, one of the best schools in SBISD. One of them is a very cool split-level house... not the best location but worth a look.
  5. Are you trying to stay within a specific price range? That would help... There's a cool modern house that just went up for sale in Memorial Bend - 5 BR, ravine lot (20,000 ft. lot) with a pool for $385,000.
  6. Based on the location of that Majestic Aquarium (looks like where Sun & Ski & Target are located), I suspect that is not going to happen.
  7. Well, it turns out EZ's in Dallas used to be a Kip's Big Boy... it's a great Googie-styled building. http://www.cosmicool.com/googie/ezskips.html Of course, I just found out (this sucks tremendously) that they're going to tear down the building.
  8. I know there used to also be a Kip's Big Boy but can't recall if any were located in Houston or Texas...
  9. Anyone remember where the Bob's Big Boys used to be around town? I remember one on the corner of Westheimer and Weslayean, pretty much where Central Market now stands. I vaguely remember it being a cool Googie style building with lava rock or some kind of flagstone detailing on the walls. Anyone know of any others? How about some pictures?
  10. Just posted this on lottaliving.com - thought it would be worth including here. My wife and I went to Great Indoors earlier today... while walking past the knobs/pulls, we saw a mix of different house numbers. We were really surprised when we came across these numbers - very very similar to what we've seen on a few of the other MCM houses in our neighborhood. The packaging on ours says "modernist" even these say "Avalon" http://www.atlashomewares.com/avhonu.html another fun design is "metropolitan". http://www.atlashomewares.com/methousnum.html Best of all, they were less than $9.00 each! Sure beats paying $50+ for the Neutra font
  11. I was glad to see him come out from California - I had given him an idea of which houses to see while in town. Good publicity for Houston... I was really disappointed that I wasn't able to make it out to Ben's house on the east side but I suspect I'll have another opportunity to see it. The thing is... there are so many great houses in Houston. If only we could get more to open up.
  12. I would definitely recommend Georgetown over the Pines as the Pines just does not seem to be nearly as nice.
  13. What did everyone think of the RDA/Houston Mod tour this weekend? We had a chance to be docents at the Caudill house which we thought was fantastic. Our favorite room by far was the living room overlooking the ravine - a wonderful space. We didn't get to do the whole tour but some other favorites were the Harwood Taylor-designed house on Stamper Way (just about everything about it!) and the house on Teakwood (loved the floor-to-ceiling windows in the entire house).
  14. It sounds like you really like the house and you could end up with a gem when all is said and done. I'm finding that many realtors (with a few exceptions including one specific realtor on this board ) are more likely to guide people towards quick sales and suggesting teardowns before promoting restoration. If you need a local architect who can help with restoration of the house, let me know.
  15. Wish we could say hello when you're at the Willowisp house but, at that same time, we'll be working at the Caudill house on Kirwick. So... what are the big plans for the house?
  16. One of my coworkers bough a leather chair at the dump... when she told us the price, my wife and I thought she got ripped off. Go figure...
  17. I'm with you and don't like the sprawl happening out in the Katy area, etc. BUT, like you said, if people have a problem with "sprawl" this area, maybe they should've spoken up in the early 50s when neighborhoods were being developed. Memorial Bend, for example, is 50 years old ( Memorial Bend Development ). This area is anything but new - it is well-established and just as old as Meyerland, Braes Heights, Afton Oaks, Ayrshire, Tanglewood, etc. Warrenton and Whispering Oaks (SE corner of Gessner and Memorial Drive) were being built in 1952, three years before Meyerland. Warrenton Article
  18. Someone definitely needs to jump on this one - I don't know what was removed but this house was in great shape and I can't imagine it has suffered much at all. Whether a pool is a bad investment or not (I agree that it is), at least the one they put in complements the house.
  19. but they don't want to be further out... they want to stay in Spring Valley. They've already seen damage to their community from the I-10 expansion - I say more power to them for being sticklers.
  20. Here's one in nearby Memorial Plaza that was designed by William N. Floyd. It was a "Congress for Better Living Home" as well as a Medallion Home. I've seen a couple of medallions in Memorial Bend
  21. That's the Mitchell House - probably the most important residence designed by Mackie and Kamrath. The story behind that is just downright ridiculous.
  22. Dang it... misspelled the firm's name in the title.
  23. This sounds like a great event and an opportunity to see some great MacKie and Kamrath-designed buildings: Leigh Alpha Gamma Delta 2005 Home Tour Featuring Architecture by Mackie & Kamrath: Houston's Own Frank Lloyd Wright May 14 & 15, 2005 1:00 - 5:00 pm 8 Tiel Way, River Oaks - Kamrath Family Home 1951 48 Tiel Way, River Oaks - Kamrath Family Home 1951 67 Tiel Way, River Oaks - Private Residence 1949 804 Friar Tuck, Memorial - Private Residence 1949 11214 Hermosa, Memorial - Kamrath-Inspired Residence 1962 2615 Cameron Street - Small Orthodontic Office 1946 11612 Memorial Drive - Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church 1957 - Sunday Only - 1500 Sunset - Congregation Emanu El Synagogue 1946 - Saturday 1:00-3:00 Only 3120 Buffalo Speedway (Humble Oil Company Facility) - 1951 - Drive-By Only For information and tickets ($15.00), email spellegrino@houston.rr.com or call 281-440-8511, cell 281-660-7861. Tickets may also be purchased at any home on tour. Benefiting the following non-profit organizations: Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation - Leadership Institute American Heritage Education Foundation (Kamrath Foundation) Robin Bush Room at the Barbara Bush Library
  24. The pictures aren't showing up but I know what they look like since I stay in touch with the editor of Atomic Ranch. Those are great but I wish I knew where to point you. I haven't seen those before...
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