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  1. Mike at Mountain Air has been our A/C guy since 2006... he's great! Cannot recommend him enough (and I'm actually calling him today for a furnace check)
  2. New addition coming to CityCentre - 7,000 sq. ft. Tasting Room with a 6,500 sq ft patio. Nice!
  3. Reminds me of the corner of Winrock and San Felipe... they tore down a series of apartments and built 1 CVS and 4 banks, three of which are next to each other. Simply stupid and adds nothing to the area.
  4. The plan is for another mid-rise but, yeah, it may be a while. I have no doubt that it will eventually happen. The places is primarily leased with restaurants and it gets packed in the evenings. Ruggles Green should open any day now and I think Cyclone Anaya's is close.
  5. Spending more and more time at CityCentre and am really amazed on how busy it can get during the week. We were there last night and were commenting on how it looked like a weekend - patios at Ra, Yard House and Brio were full... plenty of people at Straits... people hanging out at Monnalisa... kids running in the plaza and a surprising amount of car and foot traffic. The permanent Ruggles Green sign is up and we also spotted this - http://www.floraandmuse.com/ will be opening. Cyclone Anaya's is coming along as is McCormick & Shmick's (not part of City Centre but across the street from Eddie V's). Nice!
  6. Funny... we had dinner on the sidewalk at Cafe' Rose' on Saturday night... one table was full of German speakers and another was a group of Scandinavians... couldn't pinpoint the exact language.
  7. Is that the Jenkins designed home? It was in bad shape and the terracotta tile looked so out of place. Glad to see it is getting fixed up.
  8. The bulk of the mods designed on Kimerbly were built by Floyd... at one point, he owned the whole block and then sold off other lots to a young upstart developer named Kickerillo. The house on Butterfly was always poorly maintained... I never saw any evidence of upkeep, be it the house or the lot. The house had a big crack in front and it looked like someone just filled it in with terracotta-colored spackle. A sad story - it was a great house with a pedigree, recognition and a great architectural connection. A sad loss. The best we can hope for is something like what is going up on the corner of Boheme/BW8. BTW, we walked through the house on the corner - you can see it take shape - very cool house. Who is the architect?
  9. WOW!!! Really really sad to see that torn down. I talked to the owner once - it was a very cool house... http://spacecitymod.blogspot.com/2007/08/100-paul-revere.html
  10. Actually, if you look at where the majority of growth has taken place in Houston (Sugarland, Katy, NW Houston), CityCentre is pretty much the population center of Houston. It has been shifting west for quite some time and that's why it was named City Centre. We went to Yard House last week for lunch - no problem getting in. BUT... we called the previous Friday night and it was a 1 1/2 hour wait. We've also had a chance to check out Cafe' Rose... very nice place for an espresso and a light bite.
  11. Opened since the last post on this thread... Yard House Straits Bistro Alex Cafe' Rose' Under construction... Cyclone Anaya's Ruggles Green Chipotle Brio Tuscan Grille CityCenter hosted a NYE party on the plaza and it was full of people - band was playing outside, all restaurants/bars were full and there was a midnight fireworks show.
  12. Stayed at Hotel Sorella this weekend - great hotel, nice attention to detail and very clean, modern design. The Monnalisa bar was packed and there were people out and about at Straits and Ra. Really love that this center is growing.
  13. They had a band playing on the plaza on Thursday night... quite a few people came out to hang out on the lawn. Mona Lisa set up a cash bar out there so you could buy beer, mixed drinks or wine. Straits was open and Yard House was still in the works. They're doing a really nice job there.
  14. Ra Sushi has been open for a while Hotel Sorella and the Mona Lisa lounge are open Eddie V's opened last night Anthropologie is now open Straits looks almost done Yard House is getting there Bailey Banks and Biddle looked almost done Bit by bit...
  15. We ate at Ra a couple of weeks ago, right after they opened and plan on going again this week for happy hour. They've done a nice job and are building a huge patio out back. The area in front of the Hotel Sorella looks nice, too!
  16. Really can't wait to see what ends up on Memorial... http://studiomet.net/
  17. Whoever lives there routinely has estate sales about once a year. I can't figure it out. When the house is open, you can see 2-3 rooms (kitchen, living area) but nothing else. I thought I remembered some cool components in the kitchen area but not much else. It could be worth fixing.
  18. This is a great house... hope someone who "gets it" buys it. At least Searcy has it listed...
  19. Seen the house on Memorial Drive designed by Metropolitan Design? Looks promising for a tear-down.
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