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    Greetings all...I realize I am a bit late in seeing/responding to this quest for big (granite balls), but hopefully Someone, Somewhere, will like these 48" diameter behemoth balls that I believe came FROM a kugel fountain design-- the base parts were unmovable without serious machinery--and really, the balls are awesome all by themselves. The contrasts between the two, as you can see, are striking. The rock-nut in me has me tentatively identifying the orange ball as pegmatite. It's a word, I promise, I am just by no means anyone's expert. The black one seems to have the most potential for engraving...or a really great yard-stone if you've neighbors that drive where they ought naught. There's really all kinds of possibilities. I need to let them go, a better home as my living room isn't quite right. (damnit lol) I have enjoyed them. Forgive me as I am rusty in my internet surfing and posting these days, I do not want to offend by offering them "for sale" as this is not really the place? Advice welcomed, thank you all in advance. Cheers, Jeanette
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