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  1. Is it me or has Fox26 news has become a train wreck and is trending towards a news magazine and gossip program with a bunch of fillers instead of being filled with news? A few years ago, they had a decent news program. Now, it seems I have to watch a second news program to get the rest of the news.
  2. I saw him last night for the first time. I know it was only his second day, but there was no 'flow' or chemistry in his delivery. I wasn't impressed.
  3. WFMF is an Iheart station in Baton Rouge. They often cross promote other iHeart stations during commercial breaks so that's no surprise (101.5 WYNK is down the hall from WFMF). It sounds like someone is rebroadcasting from the iHeart app.
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    Thanks for the update, CW. Hopefully everything is going smoothly.
  5. The power loss cost KPRC ratings BIG TIME. http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2016/04/ktrk-abc-13-tv-ratings-april-18-2016-houston-flood-event.html Not sure if everyone saw the ratings from Mike McGuff's blog (link added above), but KTRK spanked all of the other stations...BADLY. KHOU was second and had generally half the viewers of KTRK at any given time. KRIV's ratings weren't included, but I'm curious to know how they compared. KPRC was in the dust all day.
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