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  1. Apparently, it's now playing Christian Pop. The stream's definitely on, but the quality needs some work. http://kqlcfm.org/listen.html I remember two years ago they were soft Christian music, so they must have modernized since then. Actually, just right now as I was posting this, they had an English liner announcing the station will soon be switching to a Spanish Christian music format. Does anyone know anything about the potential format? I'm not so sure the area needs a Spanish Christian station since 88.1 exists?
  2. It's good they improved the sound quality, at least.
  3. I'm not so sure the license won't be lost. It could just be a possible transmitter buyer testing out the equipment. If that were the case I'm not sure why they'd put the old programming back on it though. I just checked and can only hear something very faint in Spanish on 1090.
  4. Someone must have access to the transmit site and turned it on? That's my guess.
  5. Wow! The technical consultants on the new translator application... http://fccinfo.com/CMDProEngine.php?sCurrentService=FM&tabSearchType=Appl&sAppIDNumber=1726090 Are the same people who run FCCInfo.com! It's most likely to hide their real engineer's name.
  6. Anyone else having problems sending messages? I just tried sending one, and got the following. It also seems like I can't like posts without getting errors. Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX145 You there, HAIF administrator?
  7. You were probably hearing WYNK earlier. It's come in before in San Antonio during tropo.
  8. They've moved to 92-9 HD2 I believe, as well as online.
  9. How many watts, Joe? And what's the HAAT on the antenna? LOL I'm a nerd, I monitor lots of transmissions like Purple. I occasionally pick up interesting things in the big city west of Houston, too.
  10. The ID really says 106.7 and 98.7? I'm sure 106.1 will change frequencies to 106.7 tomorrow!
  11. I didn't know the other site was full of malware. Good to know! At least there are ways to block javascript.
  12. The only Bernal station left, to my knowledge, is KUBR 1210 in McAllen TX. The rest are either deleted, not on air, or sold.
  13. Here's why it was dismissed. Look at the letter from April 15th. http://licensing.fcc.gov/cgi-bin/ws.exe/prod/cdbs/pubacc/prod/corrp_list.pl?Application_id=1721679&File_Prefix=BMPFT&App_Arn=20160211ACB&Facility_id=148484 Lopez also has something to do with the supposed 1000 watt translator in Corpus Christi. This link takes you to the streamline board where it was talked about, so be warned. LOL http://www.radiodiscussions.com/showthread.php?693062-107-7-KOUL-Corpus-Christi-upgrade
  14. Good to hear man! I like the suite number.
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