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  1. I remember a polynesian restaurant on the corner of Westheimer and Sage Rd. in the 60's were the JW Marriott now stands. It had a fountain out front with flames lit from below the water. Valet drivers wearing red vests would meet as you drove in. But yeah I guess you are right, the property was better suited for other purposes as the years went on.
  2. I remember visting Mr. & Mrs. McCue with my parnets as a child. Mrs. McCue (in think her maiden name was Santa Maria) was the cafeteria manager at St. Micheals Catholic School during the 50's and early 60's. They sold their home and property on McCue St. in the early 60's to developers. Those apartments you refer to are probably were their house once stood.
  3. The pool you probably remember was the Tropicana Pool on Telephone Rd. near Long Drive. The pool was private but was open to the public. My parents had friends who lived in Garden Villas that were members. I was too you to go into the bubble but my older brothers and sister did. I was more fascinated with the retractable metal roof that slid over the pool area when it rained, kind of like Minute Maid Park. The pool closed about the same time the surrounding neighborhoods integrated and white families left the area. (mid 60's)
  4. God I hated that Globe store on Hillcroft. Ugh! There were a few of the bird cages and thatched roof huts lift when Anheser Busch underwent a major renovation in the middle 80's. The smokers were using the huts as a break area. Wrong part of town for an amusement park, don't you think?
  5. Yes I do. Wee Wild West was located on Yorktown between Westheimer and West Alabama. I went there several times in the ealry 60's. It closed sometime in 1969 or 1970. There was also a Putt Putt Golf at this location.
  6. The Bellaire Skating Rink was actually located on Chimney Rock near Gulfton. I went there plenty of times in the mid 60's. Bayland Orphange was across the street.
  7. There was also an Alamo Plaza Motel in Baton Rouge, LA on Florida Blvd.
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