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  1. Thank You. I see the usage now and I understand the system. I will host through Flickr soon. I appreciate the assistance.
  2. I am unable to post any photographs. Used to allow 10 mb. Now I have nothing. Sorry
  3. Dear Witch King, Who are you and why can I no longer post images from old Houston?
  4. Inside ice house, Shepard Drive North
  5. I remember all of the ice houses around town. Real ice houses where you bought blocks of ice. Big blocks of ice.... and they would chip them up if you wanted.
  6. I am loading a few shots from around town taken in the 70's. This was in the 4th ward as I drove into town one morning. No idea of the location. I remember many houses boarded up and abandoned. It is probably all fancy shops now. I have not be back in over 30 years.
  7. They really frowned upon touching their produce. I received the "stink-eye" once when I did. They knew I was an outlyer at that point.
  8. Hi John Lopez,. Sorry I have not been on line lately and basically have been out of touch. Recently I have worked up several old images. Here is the Diner int he Weeds. Well....maybe not. having difficulty uploading images. Even when I go down to 7mb. I will get back to you.
  9. I realize this topic is very old, but I am digitizing photographs from the 70's and found an old black and white of a diner in the weeds with the sign on the top reading "Newt Johnson's Diner" I also have quite a few shots of downtown and the area around the "square". There is one of the interior wall of Love Street Light Circus Feel Good Machine that was exposed during demolition. I will try to post photos as I can.
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