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  1. I am a devout Astros fan and have a 10 game season ticket package .I like to pick up a game here and there and I hate to pay fees. For example a 65.00 ticket can cost 96.00 after fees through VividSeats, Stubhub etc. I am curious if anyone has a good outlet for ticket purchases with low fees? I tend to like high end seats around the dugout and close to the field or even Diamond club when I can get them. While I like high end seats and don't mind high end prices I hate fees. I know its a bit odd but I don't pay interest either, ever. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
  2. I have a friend living in this neighborhood that has been trying for over a year to get a new garage apt built to move into and then do a remodel on their house. The inspectors are a joke. I think they drag their feet hoping for monetary incentives ( bribes). I have no proof of that but nothing else makes sense for the amount of BS and incompetence they have experienced from these incompetent inspectors. I am curious if others living in that area have had inspector issues with bad address and technical difficulties with permits? There has never been any issues with the work done just technical
  3. I lived on Elliot Street, Lombardy and Forcade as a very young boy. I remember going into Lorino's and buying the old Monster trading cards with Frankenstein, Werewolf, Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc. I remember it was mostly dark and there was a shuffleboard table. It was great to live in that area in the early 1960's. The triangular shaped park on Elliot had a great Monkey bars that was a Cowboy on each end and the rungs were fairly high for a boy 6, 7 or even 8 years old. We played in that park a lot without supervision and we felt safe. Our doors were usually unlocked. My friends and
  4. I am looking for anyone that attended Queen of Peace in the 1961 to 1970 time frame. I went to school there and lost track of some people when I went off to the NAVY in 1974. Looking for Martha Cox, Cathy Schnaubelt and a girl named Tina that went on to Mt Carmel in 1971 or 72. Martha Cox lived by the Uof H. Hed father was a professor there. Any info or if you have year books please let me know. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the welcome. We also lived in that neighborhood on Newport for a while and on Eskridge. I worked at the Italian Beef house in 1969 and 1970 It was located right under the Coca Cola sign at Telephone Rd and the Gulf Freeway. There is a great Book titled "Telephone Road, Texas" available only on the web. It is a good book about some of the old history of Telephone Road.
  6. I am a native Houstonian that just moved back after 27 years in Minnesota. I grew up all along Telephone Rd. My early years were spent in the Telephone Rd and Lawndale area. Lombardy Street, Forcade, Bell, Harrisburg etc. Does anyone remember the following businesses and do you have any history on them. 1 The grocery store at Telephone Road and Lombardy 2 The donut shop on Telephone Road close to the Gulf Freeway. They only served glazed and jelly donuts 3 The bar/store at the intersection of Telephone Road and Lawndale Just as an FYI -- I remember my Grandmot
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