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  1. One of the greatest songs of the 21st century tbh https://t.co/aGXezbEUTb

  2. RT @TheSuper3: today. https://t.co/XsV3d5k8Kv

  3. @OddKobe ascending far and beyond fam

  4. RT @HillaryClinton: Delete your account. https://t.co/Oa92sncRQY

  5. RT @PharrellTracks: Congratulations to Pharrell & Helen!

  6. RT @carpediembri: https://t.co/YxA11TkV4S

  7. @og__jordannn Look at you ass eating shaming in 2016 smh

  8. @Guru_Jeremy How is Earl washed?

  9. RT @NewGuapCity: @KDTrey5 listen here to gain at least some respect back from the world you gotta wear the scoring title kd 4's on opening…

  10. @iamyourOG Cornrow Kappy

  11. @TylerTexas19 @Renooo_A @UT_CSLi BROOOOOOOO

  12. I Really Like You top 5 P

  13. It's hot and musty in church smh overcapacity never the move.

  14. RT https://t.co/BmSfC7ZdaQ

  15. Yo if I fall asleep, here's my [adultswim]

  16. RT @HOT97: We caught @donaldglover hanging out at #AfroPunk https://t.co/JTrUnqEhpU

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