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  1. Links in this thread have mentioned the trifecta of problem broadcasters - Werlinger, Henderson and Martin. Wow.
  2. Like a broken clock, it may be right occasionally. With the flooded roads, there may be a stalled truck there now. Or not.
  3. I think I know but am somewhat sworn to secrecy. Think of old top 40 jingles involving the word 'musicradio'...
  4. Yes. Scroll through the pictures and references to the folks who now work at AM 107.0 and 95.0.
  5. Find the funnies someone is not familiar with AM radio frequencies.
  6. Chris had some transmitter damage which should be repaired shortly. I would expect the launch from the downtown studios soon. Also, a call letter change is expected.
  7. It's been off and on over the last year, sometimes with content being broadcast, often with dead air. When KSET was on prior to their equipment problems, I let Chris know that KOLE was causing interference on 1300 in Port Arthur. Someone got robbed paying $400K for that pile of junk.
  8. stan

    92.5 FM

    I'm taking a nap as I type.
  9. Sorry I don't have a way to verify this presently. I will eventually get a digital tv receiver and drop the useless Time Weiner cable.
  10. The Alabama Coushatta tribe had attempted one near Livingston many years ago but the state shut them down. I'm not sure how the tribe got away with it in El Paso.
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