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  1. .Riverside Terrace is out of his price range, even for a fixer upper.
  2. Finally found out answer to my question. See today's Houston Chron. Business section Nancy Sarnoff : Real Estate Chron.com Web Search powered by YAHOO! SEARCH Nancy Sarnoff: Real Estate June 20, 2008, 8:44PM Medical Center's health results in development Townhouses are latest project of many to sprout in area By NANCY SARNOFF Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle TOOLS Email Get section feed Print Recommend Comments (1) Yahoo! Buzz A 52-unit townhouse project is being developed near the Texas Medical Center on land that once housed the Wright Morrow Estate. It's the latest project
  3. Apologies for that crazy ladies behavior. Maybe she forgot to take her medication. 99.9% of Riverside Terrace are normal, happy, hardworking individuals who are happy to see sightseers in our neighborhood. We have people driving and cycling thru the neighborhood all the time. I think I speak for the majority of RV residents when I say we appreciate the new interest in our homes and neighborhood.
  4. I live in Riverside Terrace and love it. I would never live anywhere else. (have lived in the burbs) Having said that all Riverside Terrace is not equal. Unfortuately your budget is not going to allow you to live in the parts of Riverside Terrace that are safe and more tranquil. I too would be hesitant to live in the houses you selected. I think others have given you good advice - Rent first and check out areas once you've explored a bit. Whatever you do do not buy in the suburbs, or any masterplanned community until youv'e been in Houston a while. If you don't do generic well the planned comm
  5. Good to know! Thanks for the info.
  6. I live in Riverside Terrace and love it. Can't believe I'm able to live inside the loop 2.5 miles from my job in the Med center, and everything else Houston has to offer. Not sure about the Riverside/77004, but Riverside/77021 has a few "white" people. There are two households with neighbors I know that are gay, there maybe more. In the last year three White families have moved into houses in the neighborhood. None with children at least two with same sex occupants - does this mean they are gay ?? In answer to your question You would be very welcome here. You have to feel comfortable being in
  7. I know someone on this forum will know. What is the new development being built @ 288 and S.Macgregor, behind the pschy hospital? across the freeway from Mosiacs. Think it's called "The Modigaliani"(sp) There is some advertising up but hard to read when driving. Looks like some really expensive real estate.
  8. I'm not saying its right but white people have to understand that black people are always going to be suspicious of y'all. You don't have to go too far back to understand why! Judging by how a large percentage of white people feel about black people/ minority people and their neighborhoods, It would seem strange to many as to why even a small number of white people would want to live in a minority neighborhood. Very rarely do you see true diversity in neighborhoods. The neighborhoods that are diverse are usually going "downhill" as whites are move out and minorities move in. Riverside Terra
  9. Riverside Terrace would be my choice hands down. Love the proximity to everything, the lot sizes, the trees,the people. Both areas have different demographics. Depends who you are comfortable living next too. Bottom line, how comfortable are you being in the minority? You might not base your decisions on demographics but others do and this might affect how easy it will be to resale the property.
  10. Does anyone know how hcad calculates sq ft for tax purposes? My architectural plans show sq ft less than what hcads has, don't know where they got their numbers from. Could it be they include all closets? and is the sq ft from porches and porto corche included even though they are not air conditioned? Would appreciate any info. Thanks.
  11. The house probably needs alot of work. It's difficult to get a mortgage and construction/rehab loan in this area. The comps are just not there so often you aren't able to borrow enough money to do anything worthwhile. We bought in the Riverside area recently so know the difficulty, luckily we had savings and so were able to supplement what we got from the bank. I think eventually the comps will be there but not right now.
  12. Please note I have called noone racist, all I was asking for was clarification. I do however think it is wrong to perpetuate wrong information based on preconceived prejudices. I agree with you more representation is needed on this board. Not sure it will change the deeply entrenched beliefs people have.
  13. I don't think I've in your words "piss and delicate flower" thru this thread. Each to his own interpretation. I'm not sure what counter examples you want. All I'm asking for is accurate information without the personal prejudices when reponding to questions. To be fair you did include the TSU reference, and I must congratulate you for having made and survived the trip thru 3rd ward.
  14. You are kidding me right !?! people on this board get their information about a neighborhood from Wikipedia a free online enclyclopedia. Why don't you take a drive around the neighborhood? I promise you there is nothing better than seeing for yourself. You will be safe, the boogie men don't come out till dark.......
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