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  1. mrtejano

    107.1 Fm

    There's a station coming from the Richmond Rosenberg area playing nothing but Tejano. Does anyone have the Scoop on this station? Is it a Pirate? It hasn't played any commercials nor IDs.
  2. Thanks same here I have it on Comcast so it wouldn't make sense to spend extra money to watch CBS .
  3. Sorry didn't realize it said TB Lol I meant TV. Stupid spell check.
  4. I occasionally watch Tv OTA, I usually only watch Netflix or Hulu. Yesterday I decided to watch OTA tv and very little channels where displayed on my tv. I rescanned and only found 84 out of the 131 I usually get. I messed with the Antenna and nothing seemed to work. One of the channels I could not get was CBS 11. Do you guys think I need a new antenna or is weather playing a factor? I remember I sometimes was able to view channel 3 from Bryan/navasota and all that area around there.
  5. I can't open my notifications either.
  6. Haven't tuned in to 101.5 in a long time, I forgot DIGITAL 101.5 comes in once in a while.
  7. I heard the commercials mentioning 102.5 WFMF from Baton Rouge but then I hear a announcement YOURE LISTENING TO TODAYS COUNTRY ON 101.5???
  8. And they're both silent as we at this hour.
  9. So 106.7 is trying to move closer to Houston also? And if it does happen what will happen to 106.1? Will it still be on air? Will Hum Fm be on all 3???
  10. Yeah I thought I heard 106.7 but wasn't sure.
  11. Purple is this station supposed to reach here in my area? I can't pick it up in my house.
  12. Makes no sense, heard the ID saying HUM FM 106.7 and 98.7.
  13. So HUM FM isn't leasing it? Why would they stop playing that church music then?
  14. Its Hum FM Also simulcasting 106.1 as well .
  15. So no more late Radio Cristiana Network anywhere close to Houston. Oh well, I kinda liked that station. Radio Aleluya has so many paid programming hours now that you rarely get to listen to any music anymore. I guess I'll continue to listen to 98.7 from The Guevarras till they decide what they're actually going to air on that station. What at ever happened to 105.3??
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