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  1. We are in north houston over by the woodlands and used a roofing contractor referred to us by our Realtor. they were out within a few days and got it done a week later. its been since 2008 and we are in 2015 with no leaks so far. ask for lewis, he is who we dealt with. Avalanche Contractors 832-537-2317
  2. we have owned homes with and without tech shield and can honestly say that i did not sweat in the home that had the tech shield. it is amazing stuff and is less expensive to have roofing contractor install than having the radiant barrier put in afterwards. our home was roofed but did not need decking replaced so we had to pay more to have radiant barrier put in after the fact. it works great and does as advertised.
  3. We used Viking Fence as well and have nothing but good to say about them. We dealt with Ben 832-795-4479
  4. id wait till materials showed up at least. why not pay after each trade is complete, gc should be able to fund them as they go
  5. you may need to have the insulation removed and have new insulation installed. when we had ours done, the guy reminded us that cable contractors, plumbers, and others trample thru the insulation over the years making it loose its r value. I used Avalanche Contractors after Ike for replacing my roof. I don't know if they do repairs but I'm sure they know someone that does if by chance they don't.
  6. a place north of downtown called houston foam something or another makes all kinds of foam stuff. google houston foam and they should come up. I needed a specialty foam for a project one time and ran across them. there was also one off of I-10 and silber close to ikea if im not mistaken
  7. home depot has these big dumpster green bags in the building materials section for around 25 bucks. you fill them and call waste management when you are ready to have them picked up. you do have to leave them by the street since a truck with arm comes by and picks it up.
  8. I used Avalanche Contractors to replace our roof and insulation that was damaged after hurricane Ike. It did take them 3 days to complete it all but taking into account all the work that was involved. We had a branch from a tree come down on the back part of our home so that needed repair as well. We are pleased with their work and honesty. lewis is the guy to talk to 832-537-2317
  9. Wife and I purchased a memory foam with a gel topper which moves your head/feet up and down similar to a hospital bed. We picked it up at the Dump. I have not slept worth a hoot since. it is two extra long singles that raise and lower seperately. Perhaps i should of requested a firmer mattress for my side since i am 250 plus. it is ok at first but i continue to sink as i sleep and wake up with a horrible back ache. I at times sleep in sons room when he is gone on his cheap little mattress and i wake up feeling brand new. I snore so the reclining does help some but not worth the back aches. we paid 6k for the setup. horrible investment. The niche, I'd gladly sell it to ya for a deal, heck I'll even let ya sniff it
  10. Down the ways from El tiempo was h2o oxygen bar. First experience with one of those was in Vegas. El Tiempo transitioned to El Jefe Bar and later closed around the same time as a two story seafood restaurant on the corner that I can no longer remember the name of. Dont forget grasshoppers, vault, m bar, and now the Roxy is closed as well.
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